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Life in the Shoes of Ancient Aristocracy: Pamper Yourself in Style with a Dressing Table

Modern dressing table

There are things that a home can’t do without, such as a toilet, fridge, bed and sofa which we could refer to as the essentials, and all the rest is up to personal taste and requirements. However, for women there’s an extra item that makes it on the list and it’s the dressing table. The […]

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Cushions: Add a Bit of Texture and Transform Your Outdoor Space in a Jiffy

What makes beach bars so good for chilling and enjoying a cocktail or coffee while tanning, is the comfort and appeal they offer to their guests. I mean yeah, it’s important to have a really good bartender who knows how to make a mind-blowing cocktail, but what matters more is for you to be able […]

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Tallboy Furniture Lets You Divide and Conquer Storage and Style

Tallboy furniture

The great power of tallboy furniture is that besides acting as a storage solution, it can also serve as a great decorative element in a room. A beautiful piece of this type of furniture can be a colourful focal point in any room, so make sure you choose it wisely so that it serves its […]

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The 5-win Effect of the Right Type of Mattress

sleeping on good mattres

Do you ever get the feeling that every time you are about to fall asleep a ninja sneaks in your bedroom and pokes you with his kama and after that you can’t go to sleep for the rest of the night? Yeah, me too. But, it turns out, it’s not ninjas. You just have a […]

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The Right Office Desk Can Help You Create a Workspace That Works

office desk

It’s interesting how some people pay so much attention to the interior design of their homes, but tend to neglect their offices. The opinion that the office is simply the space where you should be concentrated only on work is just wrong. As much as you want to think that the surrounding environment doesn’t affect […]

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