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Office Gardens: Make the Most of Work and Gardening

Benefits of Planters for Your Office

When it comes to getting a hobby that’s fun, educational, and provides you with great results, gardening comes among the top choices. Think of it as a hobby you get for life, and one you can pass down to other generations, that’s also great for the various benefits it offers: it’s interesting to do, it […]

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Sit-Stand Desks: The Correct Way to Use Them & Reap Their Unique Benefits

Beautiful office women working while standing Ergotron

If you’ve had the chance to visit several different offices or browse magazine articles on office design, you’ve probably noticed that sit-stand desks are highly popular. But unlike other trends that offer nothing in terms of functionality, there is a serious reason why sit-stand desks have their spot in the modern office.

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The Unique Benefits of Upgrading Your Office With a Standing Desk

man smiling while working on a standing desk

With the rapid development of technology, we have become a society that sits most of the time. You are sitting in front of the TV, the computer, in the car, and eight hours at work. That’s a lot of sitting, right? And you don’t need science to show you all the negative outcome of sitting. […]

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Unique Office: A Workplace Where Ergonomics Rules

Ergotron ergonomics office furniture

Despite appearances, the office can be quite the bad workspace to spend about eight hours per day. If aches and pains aren’t strange to you, then the office might be taking its toll on your health. Luckily, nowadays thanks to ergonomics, it’s something that can easily be fixed.

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Zooming in on the Features of Adjustable Standing Desks

Height adjustable workstations

If you are someone who spends most of their day bent over a desk, then you know all too well the problems sitting in the same position for hours can cause. Over 80% of office workers have at some point complained about having back problems and experiencing discomfort during work. Thankfully, with the introduction of […]

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