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Pros and Cons of Installing Electronic Throttle Controller in Your Toyota

We are all after some thrill, otherwise what’s the point of having a car able to reach remarkable top speeds? Those of us who also want to hear the engine purr look past the fastest speed it can reach. We want to fine tune the systems in the car to a degree where we can […]

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How to Equip Your Bike to Travel

Storage space is always at a premium when you are on the run. This is more apparent when your means of travel are largely exposed to the environment, such as when traveling with a motorcycle. Not only do you need to pack some gear, but you also need to make sure all of it is […]

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Windshield Washer System: What You Should Know About Its Upkeep

“The car has become an article of dress without which we feel uncertain, unclad, and incomplete in the urban compound.” – Marshall McLuhan  This is a flawless description of the role cars have in our everyday life. Can you imagine yourself going without a car for an entire day? Or maybe for a week or […]

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Throttle Controllers: The Unique Capabilities of the Ultimate9 EVC

When the topic of Honda throttle control systems comes up, there are those who swear by aftermarket electronic throttle controllers and those who think it’s all a sham. While it all comes down to personal preference and needs, there’s no denying that a Honda electronic throttle control system can go a long way in helping […]

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Wheel Hubs & Bearings: The Critical Braking & Steering Parts

rear hub and bearing assembly

If you own a vehicle, you know there are many maintenance chores. And they depend on the exact make and model that you have. Some don’t mind sticking their heads under the hood, while others go to a mechanic even for minor repairs or regular replacement of parts. While chores can vary, the care you […]

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