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Tips on How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep


In today’s fast-paced life, sleep has taken a backseat on the endless list of tasks that can take over our day. The result of this is that we often don’t get enough rest. But, just like drinking enough water, eating well and exercising are essential to our overall health, so is getting the right amount […]

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5 Must-Have Boots in Every Man’s Wardrobe

Men's Boots

Through history, boots were only worn by the elite aristocrats and wealthy merchants, to express their status and prestige in society. During those times, the boots were usually made of leather and fur to protect the one’s feet from the external influences, such as water, snow, etc. Today, the footwear industry has grown to the […]

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More Than a Fashion Statement: Choosing Shoes That Are Good for Your Health

woman wearing waldlaufer shoes

With so many cute designs out there, many of us fail to see shoes as more than just a fashion statement. But in reality, the shoes we wear can affect our quality of life in countless ways. Most of us will spend at least 8 – 10 hours a day in a pair of shoes. […]

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Key Features to Look For When Buying Headlamps


Whether you’re setting up your tent at night, looking for something in your trunk, or trail running at dusk, nothing beats the hands-free lighting convenience offered by headlamps. Modern headlamps are equipped with powerful LEDs that are rugged, long-lasting and energy-efficient. But even though most modern headlamps use the same lighting technology, there are still […]

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The Unique Attire You Need for Jazz Dancing

dance pants

So, you’re starting a jazz class and have no idea what to wear. Is it okay to wear a tracksuit, or are yoga pants better? Or perhaps you need something different? Well, while it isn’t as specific as ballet wear, jazz dance also has its own unique attire. Jazz attire varies among different dancers. So, […]

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