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How Flashlights Work: Different Types and How to Choose One

Advances in lighting and battery technology have made torchlights valuable and versatile tools that provide a wide range of benefits in an even wider range of situations. While most of them still work on a more than a hundred years old concept, the torches of today are far more capable even than those that came […]

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Portable Power Supply: What Are Flexible Solar Panels?

solar panels on the roof of the house

Unlike fossil fuels which are being used more and will be difficult to obtain in the future, renewable energy sources are eco-friendly, won’t run out, can save us money in the long run, and are becoming more and more affordable. Solar panels that use sunlight as a renewable source to generate electricity have been around […]

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Sawyer: Water Filtration Systems You Can Trust


The average adult human body contains up to 60% of water. That just goes to show why being hydrated is so important. Consuming the recommended amounts of water throughout the day is crucial for our health in a lot of ways – from balancing body fluids and electrolyte levels to maintaining a healthy weight and […]

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Important Factors to Consider When Buying Portable Solar Blankets

camping solar blanket

Solar systems have seen a great spike in popularity in the last couple of years, not just among homeowners, but outdoor enthusiasts as well. And since they are becoming more efficient, yet smaller in size as solar technology advances, campers are starting to take advantage of portable solar systems and use them to power all […]

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The Different Types of Awnings and Their Unique Features

camping awnings

If you’re looking to start exploring Australia in 2018 with some friends and family, then you’re probably going to need more space than just a caravan to accommodate everyone and everything you bring along. The most popular solution to add more leisure space are caravan awnings. But before you jump out of excitement that you […]

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