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With modern technology making new and better developments every day, you have to look at an industry from two different aspects, retail sales and online sales, so you can get a better picture of the industry as a whole.

The first factor we should look at is the annual growth for both sides. The retail sales have grown an astounding 8.8% and the online sales of athletic apparel have grown 22.6% in 2015. Revenue has been strong on both sides with retail bringing in 2 billion dollars and the online front bringing in a hefty 71 million dollars. These numbers are only expected to rise with people becoming more and more technologically savvy and athletic apparel trending widely in Australia.

Retail is set to rise at a steady 5.0% a year and the online department is set to rise another 14.6%. The convenience of online shopping has clearly started to show as more people turn to online shopping. This has produced more jobs. Namely, the online athletic apparel industry alone has provided up to 6,792 jobs so far and with the rapid rate that this industry is growing these numbers are only expected to rise with the most popular cities for sports equipment Melbourne and Sydney and other cities catching up slowly.

Cycling Clothing Buying Guide

preparing for cycling

It’s true that you can ride a bicycle without special bike shoes, without a good tight-fitting jersey or stretch fabric shorts. That’s because cycling has many different meanings for different people. Nevertheless, if you are cycling as a sporting activity or if you are road cycling, then good bicycle clothes can make a whole lot of difference. 

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Extreme Urban Sports: Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Rides


If you are someone that loves activities that raise the adrenaline, you’re probably planning to get into some type of extreme sport. Or even several types? After all, who’s stopping you? When it comes to extreme sports you can conveniently practice in urban settings, there are three options that are the most popular ones: BMX […]

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Choosing the Right Cricket Equipment: A Beginner’s Guide


Cricket is one of Australia’s most popular sports that’s been around for hundreds of years. It can be great for developing stamina, fitness and hand-eye coordination. Professional cricket is played on a field, but enthusiasts can also play in the park, street, backyard or on the beach. If you’re looking to join in on the […]

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The Different Types of Bicycle Lights and How to Mount Them


The autumn and winter months in Australia are never the easiest time for bike commuters who have to contend with long hours of darkness, colder temperatures and increased rain. Keeping dry and warm is hard enough by itself, but keeping up with adequate bike lighting requires proper testing and reviewing every year. Additionally, the harsh […]

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Tips on Buying the Right Pair of Snowboarding Boots

The snowboard boots you wear when going down the mountain can impact your performance and comfort. Renting snowboarding boots the first few times is great and all, but if you’re drawn to the sport you’ll need to get a pair of your own. Having your own setup will help you progress much faster, and wearing […]

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