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Scalp Micropigmentation: The Unique Hair Loss Treatment


To be experiencing hair loss, is a rather disturbing thing. For both men and women, regardless of the age. Whether alopecia areata (medical term for hair loss) is a result of too much stress, eating disorder, nutrient deficiency or a disease, it hurts to see hair thinning and falling out. Although majority of men claim […]

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Scalp Tattooing – The Unique Mens Receding Hairline Treatment


Receding hairline is a common hair problem that affects a large percentage of the male population. This hair loss problem usually starts at the temples or at the front of the forehead and progresses backwards. Some men lose only a centimeter or two at the back, while others lose large amount of hair. Luckily, the […]

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Hair Tattoo – Unique And Effective Alopecia Treatment

Baldness, or medically known as alopecia, is a common condition that causes hair loss in both men and women. Although it is a condition that affects both genders, about 95% of the men in the world are suffering from baldness, fully or partly. The most interesting part is that even in the 21th century, the […]

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Unique Treatments For Male Pattern Baldness

Bald men are described as some of the sexiest men on earth. But, not all accept this as a compliment. Some men simply want to get back their beautiful hair. Today the medicine is so advanced, and there are different ways for treating the male pattern hair loss problem. The reasons why so many people […]

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Unique ways to prevent hair loss

Healthy, shiny and voluminous hair is what all women desire. And while some can flaunt those beautiful curls, some are battling an illness that has become a major problem worldwide – hair loss. This is due to many reasons – numerous diets, age, pregnancy, menopause and stress, but there are also more serious reasons for […]

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