Scalp Tattooing – The Unique Mens Receding Hairline Treatment

Receding hairline is a common hair problem that affects a large percentage of the male population. This hair loss problem usually starts at the temples or at the front of the forehead and progresses backwards. Some men lose only a centimeter or two at the back, while others lose large amount of hair. Luckily, the modern medicine has developed a number of treatments for this condition.

If you suffer from the same problem, you have probably tried various treatments or procedures, including a variety of homemade remedies, prescription drugs and improvised treatments. No results? Well, it seems like you haven’t tried all methods. Have you heard about the revolutionary mens receding hairline treatment – scalp micropigmentation? It is completely pain free and scar free treatment that is becoming more and more popular among the male population.


Scalp micropigmentation is a unique hair loss treatment, and your ultimate mens receding hairline treatment because it is described as one of the most efficient baldness treatments. The whole process is preformed by professional who use specific tattoo technique which includes tattooing tiny dots on the bald parts of the patient’s scalp. The tiny dots give a naturally-fresh shaved look. The scalp tattooing procedure is a drug free process and it is suitable for men of all group ages, skin colors and skin types. These tattooed dots keep their original color for years and the results are evident immediately.

This mens receding hairline treatment is non-surgical and completely pain free. The scalp micropigmentation specialists use special needles and insert pigments on the patient’s scalp. The tiny dots create an illusion of a perfectly shaved scalp. This illusion eliminates the bald parts. The best thing about this unique treatment is that it is very affordable and suitable for any person who is battling with hair loss. However, this unique treatment only camouflages the bald parts, and doesn’t promote new hair growth nor prevent further hair loss.

What makes this treatment so popular is the fact that only natural pigments and applications are being used. The specialists try to replicate the patient’s natural eddies and idiosyncrasies as much as possible by using natural pigments in different shades to create a realistic finish. For successful results, this mens receding hairline treatment requires about 3 sessions over 3 weeks, and each session last around 3 hours. Before you choose this hairline treatment, think carefully because the removal process may be a lot more expensive.

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