Modern Planters and Pots for Unique Gardeners

There is something special about getting our hands in dirt and spending time in the company of plants that people of all generations include it in their lives, so much so that not even celebrities  are immune to it. Regardless of whether you live in the country or a big city, you always have a chance to include a garden in your home. A garden does not necessarily have to be big or confined to the area of your yard. The best thing about contemporary gardens is you can turn any space into a functional gardening spot with the right kind of planter.

Modern Planters

Since most food we get nowadays is processed, gardening is your chance to have more say in what you eat as you can create your own compost and get organic fertiliser for your plants. There are many ways to design a space for your gardening needs. For one, buy modern planters and pots and you instantly have the opportunity to express your individuality and make a unique garden that would leave the sense of wonder. The type of modern planter and pot you choose matters a great deal from a stylistic point of view, and in this case it is even more important than your choice of plants. Here are some of the most popular pots and planters to give you an idea of what you should be after.

With the time-consuming way of living, rarely does anyone have the spare time for some proper gardening on a daily basis, so of course watering can be quite a burden. Luckily, the ongoing trend worldwide are self-watering solutions that rid you of the watering chore. The reason why you should buy modern planters and pots with a self-watering system is because they demand low-maintenance. Their built-in reservoir does watering for you by moisturising plants and storing the rest of the water. And once the levels of water are not sufficient, the level indicator lets you know when it is time for fill up. The UV and corrosion resistant materials they are made of enables you to have a garden at any kind of weather, be it scorching sun or pouring rain, no harm will be done to your planters and pots.

For the more artistic individuals, the DIY options are always the way to go to set the creative spark. Anything goes when inspiration strikes, so a planter or pot can be quite versatile, depending on every person. Old tires, boots, colanders, boxes and tin cans – the possibilities are endless. This is your chance to play with shapes as well by using the planter or pot as a focal point in your home or add some change with the space where there is echo style of shapes: if circular is the present one, use squared planters.

To get full natural surrounding, pick from one of the natural materials for pots and planters. Delicate glass brings a rather refined look, while wood a more traditional one. Maintenance depends on your choice with wood and glass requiring more care. Metal is a more enduring material, but concrete also matches up to it and both have a rustic appeal. Whatever you opt for, you surely will bring uniqueness in your home.

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