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Unique Bathroom Ideas: Victorian Style with a Modern Twist

Victorian style bathroom with sink

No matter how trends in interior design change over the years, Victorian bathrooms and vintage styles continue to fascinate and delight us in equal measure. Even though contemporary bathrooms are the norm, there are people who still have a love for vintage designs. The good news for them is that in the past few years, […]

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Simple And Unique Ways To Save On Antiques


We are all familiar with the value of antiques. The historic value of the over-hundred year-old pieces and their mystic beauty are the main reasons why growing number of Australians decide to invest in antiques. If you are one of the newbies in shopping for antiques, you may think that everything that is old is […]

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Make a Statement With Unique European Oak Furniture

People choose European oak furniture for different reasons. Some choose this furniture because of the style, others for the amazing durability. One thing is for sure, the European oak furniture will make your home to stand out! People say that furniture is the most important part of every home. It reflects the homeowner’s personal taste […]

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The Unique Chinese Antiques You Must Own

Chinese antiques not only add vintage style to offices or homes, but also bring in the rich Chinese history and the impeccable craftsmanship. But why do people collect Chinese antique pieces, you may wonder. Firstly, people collect antique pieces because they are considered beautiful. Secondly, the craftsmanship is usually outstanding and thirdly, Chinese antique pieces […]

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Unique Gilt Restorations Tips

Gilt Restorations

Give your gilt mirror the shine it used to have with unique gilt restorations tricks. Instead of throwing your favorite antique piece, have it restored. If the antique mirror has a missing pieces or is colour mismatched, then find professional gilt restorations services to restore gilt design to its original condition. Special care should be […]

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