Unique Antique French Decorative Items

For most people, buying antique French decorative items is a daunting task, but for some it is a pleasure. When it’s time to renovate your home, you have so many things in mind, and overlook the most important ones – the details. Yes, big antique pieces give your house a unique touch, but details matter as well. Finding the perfect French decorative items requires some research on the market. It takes time to find little decorative details that will match all the other things you have included in your home. To make your shopping less demanding and tiring, we have selected few unique antique French decorative items for your home.


French Antique Mahogany Armoire With Two Mirrored Doors – If you are up for convenient, practical and at the same time stylish French decorative items, then definitely the French Mahogany armoire is the one to buy. This stunning crafted armoire will give your bedroom an elegant and luxurious look. The antique armoire piece includes two mirror doors which make the whole piece even more stunning. You will have a practical and easy to maintain antique French decorative item that can be made as a bookcase as well, with additional two or three shelves.

Pair Of French Antique Wall Sconces – If you want to give your room a specific, unique and luxurious look, then you should check this pair of French wall sconces when searching for French decorative items. These two bronze sconces include electrified globes that date back to 1910. When browsing for unique French decorative items, make sure you check this pair of elegant, ornate and double armed candle sconces. With outstanding leaf design, these French decorative items will give your room an opulent touch.

French Antique Bronze Elephant – Some people consider the elephant as a good luck sign, so many tend to include one in their homes. When searching for unique French decorative items, consider how a nice piece of bronze elephant sculpture will fit in your living room. In different traditions, elephants are seen as signs of power, strength, wisdom and luck, so it would be a nice idea to buy one. This bronze elephant placed on an oak base, will be an excellent detail in your house without a doubt.

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