The Unique Uses Of A Knuckle Boom Crane

Knuckle boom crane just like any other crane type is a heavy duty machine used for faster, easier and more efficient lifting, lowering and moving of different heavy materials and objects from one location to another. Even though a knuckle boom crane looks almost as a standard crane, it has one feature that makes this machine stand out from other lifting equipment – its boom. The boom of a knuckle boom crane, thanks to its design, has the ability to bend in a middle just like a human finger. Literally. This makes a knuckle boom crane a very versatile machines.


The boom can bend and form a compact-size crane or extend a long distance and easily lift, load, unload or move materials. This is one of the reasons why a knuckle boom crane is used in many different applications. Because of the ability to ‘fold’ itself into a compact machine, thus reduce its size, a knuckle boom crane can easily fit into a smaller space which means it does not take up much of the storage space. The folding boom feature allows a knuckle boom crane to be equally productive in good as well as in poor weather conditions. Also, a knuckle boom crane:

  • is very easy to operate;
  • does not require costly maintenance;
  • very maneuverable;
  • increased playload;
  • long reach and precise control;
  • features remarkable lifting capacity;
  • perfect for applications in tight and small places.

All these features make a knuckle boom crane widely popular and more commonly used lifting machine in Australia in various industry sectors, such as forest, traffic, etc. Here are couple more examples of the more unique uses of a knuckle boom crane.

Oil Rigs – Knuckle boom cranes are commonly seen on oil rigs. And no wonder why. This super powerful lifting machine can easily lift, move and lower large and heavy objects in the ocean. For example, pipeline structures oil rigs install on the bottom of the ocean are in fact built with the help of a knuckle boom crane. And not just for lowering and installing, a knuckle boom crane is also used to lift any defective pipe that need to be inspected for repair.

Warehousing Sector – A knuckle boom crane is indispensable part of every small or large warehouse-related business. Ideal for lifting various material, loading them onto truck and unloading. Let’s take construction material supplier, for an example. Such business requires a large warehouse to store all construction products, small and large. If a construction company orders rebars, steel, pipes or maybe fencing material, with the help of a knuckle boom crane all the material ordered will be loaded onto a delivery truck, fast and efficiently. This way business owners ensure timely delivery and speedy service, what in return increases company productivity and automatically, profits.

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