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The transport and logistic industry is one of the most dynamic industry sectors in Australia. Dynamic because this sector is constantly adapting and changing as a result of the economic, commercial, financial, environmental, and technological influences. In fact, the transport and logistic industry sector is worth around $150 billions and it represents 8,6% of the total Australian Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This figure makes the trucks and logistic sector one of the most critical and essential for the Australian economy.

Many economy experts state that the Australian transport and logistic industry sector plays a very important role in the supply chain of many other industry sectors, like production, construction, mining, and other industries where transporting various goods and materials with trucks and other vehicles is a part of their core business activities. It is not without a reason why many experts say that the transport and logistic sector is a vital connection between the Australian and international trading partners. The success and positive results in this sector have a huge influence on the overall Australian economic performance.

The transportation and logistic industry sector has several active associations that work with a purpose to assist many people involved in this sector. The most influential are the Australian Logistic Council (ALC), and the Logistics Association Australia (LAA). ALC is a government founded association that has a role to develop an agenda for major improvements in the transport and logistic sector. The LAA on the other hand, is a non-profit organization which is formed with a purpose to help many supply chain professionals by promoting the importance of sharing and exchanging experience and knowledge among its members.

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