The Unique 60 tonne crane trucks

Tadano is an Australian manufacturer of cranes, including crane trucks, all terrain cranes, rough terrain cranes and hydraulic crawler cranes. Its latest crane from the category crane trucks is the 60 tonne crane truck- GT-600EX, specifically designed to meet the Australian requirements and the Australian Bridge Formula. The new GT-600EX crane truck from Tadano was presented on the Australian market in 2011, and immediately was accepted by many construction companies. Meeting the Australian standards, produced with the latest technology and available on the world-wide market, the GT-600EX offers nothing but high-quality results and exceptional performance.

The unique Tadano crane trucks come with a heavy counterweight and many innovative features. Just like the previous crane trucks from Tadano, the GT-600EX is conquering the market with its exceptional performance, easy operation and high quality results. These crane trucks from Tadano have a lifting capacity of 60 tonnes at 3-m radius and feature a hydraulic round box construction-type boom and a bi-fold fly jib. They also have two winches and a pair of hooks. These crane trucks can reach 43-meters when fully extended.

The Unique 60 tonne crane trucks

The crane trucks from Tadano have a simple structure: they are mounted on a chassis produced by Tadano which enhance their lifting performance and their traveling capability. The maximum speed of the GT-600EX crane trucks is about 84km/h, and thanks to the hydraulic suspension system, they offer comfortable road driving even at top speed. The unique advantage here is that they are road legal, so they can easily travel on all roads. So, the crane trucks from Tadano are ideal machines for every company that is looking for a road legal crane truck with incredible lifting and height capacities.

Tadano includes the advanced Automatic Moment Limiter in its crane trucks. This monitor displays various important data, such as boom angle, boom length, swing position, fuel consumption, actual load, total rated load, position of outriggers, jib length and other important information. Also, the Automatic Moment Limiter detects overloads. This system helps the operators to prevent boom damages and to reduce the risk of tipping over the crane.


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