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Outdoor storage

As a gardener who loves his garden beyond measure, I own a lot of tools: shovels, forks, scissors and a number of small hand tools that help me maintain my garden spotless. There are also necessities like buckets, watering hoes and cans and some decorative pieces which I install on special occasions and seasons. Yup, just like it sounds: it’s a whole pile of necessary stuff, which you can’t throw away but you can’t place in the house because your wife would scream at you for days and be so mad that you’ll eventually be forced to get rid of them. And yes, it will be in vain explaining her that without them she won’t have a flower garden to brag about to her friends.

Anyway, knowing that a scenario like this would probably cause me a headache that will last for days, I decided to take matters into my own hands and find a suitable and practical solution. I wanted some kind of an outdoor storage option that would fit in a small corner in my backyard and still look modern enough to fit in the perfectly arranged exterior I worked so hard to create.

I searched online and stumbled across this absolutely adorable outdoor storage shed in beige colour – perfect for my outdoor ambiance. It’s large enough to fit everything from tools and hoses, to buckets and even a machine for cutting the grass! And if you don’t have a grass cutting machine you can easily fit your son’s bicycle in. The shed is made of polyurethane and can easily be installed over a flat surface without a concrete slab. The entire construction is reinforced with steel so you don’t need to worry about rotting, rusting or deteriorating under the influence of the elements. It has two doors, so it opens like a closet for your clothes. Plus, it comes with a locker, so you’ll definitely have no worries when it comes to security. Some models come with an empty space inside, but the walls give the opportunity to install small shelves to increase the storing capacity even more.

For smaller gardens, there are smaller storage options in the form of storage boxes. These literally resemble a box, but are far more sophisticated: they have an automatic mechanism that helps with the opening and closing of the box, are very lightweight and lockable. Since these are smaller and can store less items, they are often more affordable than the storage shed, for example.

I’ve solved my two biggest problems buying a storage shed: avoiding a rather long and unbearable fight with my wife and taking care of the garden mess. The garden mess is something I simply don’t understand and refuse to accept. How can someone work hard to create an outdoor space that will take people’s breath away and then allow the tools and old buckets to be left all over the space to ruin it?! Nope, it’s an eye sore to me which is why the shed came as an ace up in my sleeve in this particular situation. Plus, I no longer go crazy when I can’t find something because everything is stored in one place.

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