Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Portable Bluetooth speakers have quickly become one of our favourite accessories nowadays, and with the increasing number of devices available for connectivity, plus our active lifestyles, we’ve incorporated them in many aspects of our lives. As a result, the portable Bluetooth speaker market is slowly becoming more and more saturated, as more and more brands are trying to create the perfect model.

However, more brands fail than succeed, as they can’t seem to find the balance between quality and price. With that said, there are a couple of important factors to consider when shopping for a new Bluetooth speaker, and the company it’s made of is one of them. The Marshall wireless speaker, for instance, is one of the most prominent brands, as it’s packed with great features and offers a high-quality sound, unlike any other Bluetooth speaker. It’s also built for life on the road, making it one of the best speakers for outdoor use.

You don’t have to go for the Marshall wireless speaker (that’s what I got and I’m really satisfied by its performance), there are many other brands and models that are also great, but looking at all the different speakers this brand offers can be a great starting point. Without further ado, here are the most important factors to consider when shopping for a Bluetooth speaker.

Maximum Sound Output & Portability

Some speakers sound great and have a lot of sound capacity, but they can get too heavy and large to be considered portable. You don’t want a bulky speaker that you’ll have trouble carrying in a small backpack while out hiking or camping. On the other hand, some speakers are portable but have quite a low sound output, so you want to get a good balance between output and portability. Most good speakers can deliver frequencies anywhere between the 100Hz and 20.000Hz range.

Battery Life

What’s the use of having a Bluetooth speaker if it runs out of battery too soon? Instead, you want a model that can play your favourite tunes for at least several hours without needing to be recharged. And when it does need recharging, that should be done quickly. Furthermore, some models can actually charge devices themselves by acting as power banks. Consider whether that’s important to you and whether you want to spend more money on this feature.


Of course, durability is going to play a crucial role in your selection, as most of us want to use the Bluetooth speakers while away from home and out in the open. The speaker should be able to withstand the elements to some extent, and it shouldn’t get damaged after a few accidental drops, and let’s face it – for many of us, those happen more often than we’d like to admit!

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