Ladies Office Work Shoes: A Unique Approach to Choosing the Perfect Pair

office shoes for ladies

Choosing a pair of shoes that you’ll wear at work in the office means choosing something that is to give the finishing touch to the whole business look. That means you should choose something that is comfortable, nice looking and appropriate too. It might sound as if hitting this mark is not an easy task, but knowing a few dos and don’ts can make all the difference.


In order to decrease the chances of developing painful bunions and neuromas, you should opt for wider pointy toe type of shoes. Having enough room for your toes to wriggle can mean a lot, comfort-wise. If your toes lack space, they’ll have to put up with a lot more pressure which means that pain will follow your steps until the end of your workday. Furthermore, a closed-back pair of shoes might be the best idea as with these there are no obstacles regarding proper circulation.

It is always a good idea to use an insole as it can add to the comfort by providing cushioning for shock absorption and arch support for the whole day. Plus, you need the shoes to be stable and made of quality material because wobbling and instability can make you look unprofessional. Hence, leather ladies office work shoes will always provide you with all the comfort and style you need and keep your feet healthy and well-rested.

Another thing you should do is make sure the shoes are just the right fit. This means that you shouldn’t compromise by buying a size up or down if the store doesn’t have your correct size because, in the long run, your feet will end up hurting from the wrong fit.

Finally, when it comes to perfect shoe style, flatforms are usually considered the best example of ladies office work shoes. However, if you prefer wearing a little height, then, two-inch heels a great choice for combining class with some sass. In addition, you won’t sacrifice your feet health. Also, you should make sure that the colour combinations are a match with your whole outfit.


First of all, avoid faux leather shoes. If you love how leather looks on your feet, you should go for the real thing, because you certainly won’t love how faux leather feels on your feet. This is due to the fact that the skin cannot breathe in such synthetic materials and therefore is being subjected to a range of risks.

Furthermore, you should forget about the type of shoes with narrowly pointed toes because they might cause a permanent deformity called hammertoes. Not only does it look awful but it also causes an unbearable amount of pain. On the other hand, you shouldn’t go for the other extreme, like the sporty or beachy open type of shoes, as they fail to reach the standards of the business look.

In addition, a glittery pair or one with too many accessories is not the look you should be aiming for. You don’t want the pair of shoes to be drawing attention to your feet and bright and catchy colours don’t help the cause as well. What is more, too much texture will spoil the business look too.

Finally, too high heels with platforms are a huge no-no. The office is neither the runway nor the dance podium in the bar you go out on weekends, so there is no need to show your skills of perfect balance while moving around the office. You should leave the sexiness of the platform high heels (cause we are all well aware that it crosses the line) for outings and rely on the balanced sassiness of the two-inch heels for the office.

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