More Than a Fashion Statement: Choosing Shoes That Are Good for Your Health

With so many cute designs out there, many of us fail to see shoes as more than just a fashion statement. But in reality, the shoes we wear can affect our quality of life in countless ways. Most of us will spend at least 8 – 10 hours a day in a pair of shoes. As a result, the wrong kind of footwear can not only make you uncomfortable, but it can also contribute to an increased risk of developing certain health issues over time. Heel pain, bunions, calluses, hammertoes and even back pain are some of the most common health problems caused by years of wearing unsupportive or ill-fitting shoes. That being said, when buying a new pair, you may want to make sure that they are designed with your health in mind.

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But the shoes that are good for our health have an ugly, old-fashioned design, right? Well, that’s a common misconception. Although orthopaedic designs of the past might have been far from cute, today there are many footwear brands that focus on style as they do on quality and comfort. With that being said, here are some tips that can help you find a pair of shoes that is equally cute and good for you and your health.

Opt for Renowned Comfort Footwear Brands

“The poor man pays twice”. There’s some truth to this saying. Especially in the context of buying shoes. Most cheap pairs are made of low-quality materials and are badly constructed. As a result, they can quickly begin to lose their shape and become less supportive, thus hurting your feet. That being said, to save yourself from the pain and extra expenses of buying new shoes, it’s better to invest in a pair with guaranteed durability.

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Brands such as Waldlaufer shoes are renowned for their quality. Not only are these shoes more durable, but they’re also designed to meet orthopaedic standards. Waldlaufer shoes are available in a variety of designs, suitable for all kinds of activities and occasions, from leisure to outdoor, exercise, work and formal. Most shoes in the Waldlaufer line come with a removable insole and adjustable design, allowing them to fit an orthotic device if needed.

Great Soles Provide Great Cushioning

Walking and standing on hard surfaces for long periods of time can cause pain in your feet, as well as knees and back. This means it’s important that you wear shoes come with great support in the form of thick soles that will reduce the pressure on your feet. Look for solid rubber outsoles that will reduce the impact the feet take from the floor. Then, there’s also the fact that your feet need to carry all the weight of your body, which puts further pressure on them. For that reason, also make sure the shoes come with insoles made of memory foam which can reduce the pressure from the weight of your body.

Look for a Sturdy Construction

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But sometimes, even a good brand name can’t offer a 100% guarantee that the shoes will be long-lasting. Considering this, it’s recommended to thoroughly inspect the shoes’ construction. A shoe’s construction is the way the upper and sole are held together. There are two types of shoe construction: those that hold the upper and sole using stitching or those that do so with glue. Most high-quality shoes are stitched together with a thread. Since some water can get into the shoes via this thread, it’s important to make sure that it’s waxed and as such waterproof. An advantage of these kinds of shoes is that if the sole gets damaged it can be easily repaired or resoled. On the other hand, shoes which are glued together cannot be repaired or resoled and are more likely to get damaged.

Leather Is a Supreme Material

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Shoe uppers can be made of a variety of materials ranging from plastic to canvas and leather. In general, it’s best to avoid low-quality materials such as plastic, thin suede and artificial leather. Not only do these materials get easily damaged and lose their colour which can make the shoes look unappealing, but they also tend to cause discomfort due to not being flexible enough. On the other hand, materials that can easily mould to the shape of the feet, such as full-grain leather, won’t lead to discomfort and can preserve their immaculate look longer. Plus, the textured look of full-grain leather makes the shoes look rich and stylish.

Beware of Heels That Are too High

While high heels may make you look slimmer and taller, they can have serious effects on your health. However, some outfits just call for putting on some extra centimetres in height. If you love how high heels make you feel, don’t ditch them altogether. Instead, try wearing shoes that will elevate you slightly without being not too high. These are generally shoes with heels around 5cm. Not only are they more comfortable, but there’s also less risk of tripping. In addition, pay attention to the heel’s shape. The thicker the heel, the better your weight can be distributed, preventing pressure points. With that being said, wedges, stacked heels and block heels are the safest, healthiest heel options you can choose.

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