The Great Importance of Fire Rescue Blankets and How They Should Be Used

When a fire breaks out, people use different methods to deal with it. One of the most common ones is using fire rescue blankets. These safety solutions come in really handy when you need to extinguish small fires that are at their starting stage. Fire rescue blankets are highly flame-resistant and can be made from different materials depending on the manufacturer. Usually, those used for household purposes are made from fibreglass due to its light weight.

Fire blankets are made of an inner layer of fibre retardant film and two layers of woven fibreglass material. They work in a way that they cut off the oxygen supply which is one of the three main elements of fire. In order to stifle the fire, you need to place the blanket correctly. Don’t forget that these blankets are used for putting out small fires only, so in case of a big fire, you will still need to call the fire department for help. Here are a few reasons why buying fire rescue blankets is an investment you won’t regret making.

Easy to Use

In the case of a fire, you will probably start panicking which means you need something that is easy to use so you can react as fast as possible. You do not need any special training or knowledge to use fire rescue blankets. Just take the blanket off the bag and place it over the fire. It is so easy to use by both kids and adults.

Puts Out Fires on People

Fires can occur anywhere – even on people. Fire safety blankets can also be used in this case. Extinguishing a fire on a person is not easy at all, but this is where the fire blanket can be of huge help. Just wrap the person with the blanket and the fire will stop as this way you will help remove one of the elements that fire thrives on. Also, it can be used to shield from catching fire while finding your way out.

Prevents Fire from Spreading Fast

When a fire starts, it can spread very fast. It can affect the surrounding structures in no time, causing massive damages. Having a fire blanket on hand can help you stifle out a small fire in a household that can spread quickly and put all the surrounding at high risk.

Always Ready to Work

Fire blankets do not require any previous preparation and they are always ready to be used. They are a sure option for a fire outbreak as there’s no procedure needed for them to operate. They are easy to use, easy to store and quite affordable. Make sure to invest in a couple of them for your home to be well prepared in worst-case scenarios.

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