The Benefits of a HiLux Body Lift

You’ve probably seen a few commercials of heavy-duty 4x4s and heavy-duty trucks just cruising through rough mountain roads or conquering muddy creeks easily, and wonder whether your HiLux can do the same thing. It probably can, however, not if it is in its factory state. While the HiLux is capable and tough in moderate off-road scenarios, it will likely need a couple of extra modifications in order to conquer serious outback trails. Fortunately for HiLux owners, there’s a ton of lift kits available for every model and make, and professional installation is affordable and quick. Giving your HiLux a body lift has a few benefits – from improving your overall driving experience to enhanced safety and superior off-road performance. Here are the most notable benefits of installing a HiLux body lift kit.

Improved Ground Clearance

The main purpose of a HiLux body lift is to increase your truck’s height so that it can tackle off-road obstacles and steep descents and ascents without damaging the underside. With the increased height also comes a higher ground clearance, which when combined with shock and suspension upgrades is helpful when driving over damaged roads. Lift kits help your vehicle absorb potholes that can damage low-profile vehicles.

Room for Larger Tyres

A higher ground clearance translates into more room for tougher, larger, off-road performance tyres that have better traction and improved performance on muddy roads, deeply rutted trails and rocky obstacles. If you do decide to implement off-road tyres, you should still keep a set of traditional road ones, so that you can switch between the two types. This is important for keeping both the on- and off-road tyres in decent shape.

Improved Towing Ability

This might seem like something that’s not as important as the other benefits, but an off-road vehicle’s towing ability can be incredibly important in many situations. For instance, you can pull out other 4×4 vehicles out of a sticky situation, or you can tow a camping trailer into a remote area. The higher clearance gained from lift kits gives you a weight advantage and a better safety margin, thus giving you better handling and control on and off the road.

Makes Your Vehicle More Versatile

All of the aforementioned benefits make your HiLux much more versatile by giving it more off-roading opportunities. Stock HiLuxes generally have limited capabilities off the road, and they underperform when compared to lifted HiLuxes. A lifted HiLux will let you tackle ruts, rocks, and rough outback roads easily.

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