Suspension Vs Full Body Lift Kits – What Makes Each Type Unique

Toyota Hilux

If you’re considering taking your Toyota HiLux off the beaten trail, then you should consider modifying it a bit first as to ensure a better and safer performance and experience. One of the most common modifications off-road enthusiasts perform on their vehicles is installing a lift kit. You can choose between two types of lift kits – full body and suspension. While both types provide better clearance and more space for larger types, that’s where their similarities end. Let’s discuss the differences.

Toyota HiLux Body Lift Components and Kits

Toyota Hilux

As the name implies, a body lift kit raises the entire body of the HiLux while leaving the wheels and suspension at their stock height. Typically, a body lift kit can lift the vehicle up to about 15 centimetres, giving you room to install larger tyres, while keeping your driving experience and handling intact. Body lift kits are easy to install and more affordable than suspension lift kits, as there are less Toyota HiLux body lift components to work with. A full body lift kit usually involves the following components: front coilover, rear shocks, coils, leaf springs, shackles, U-bolts and pins. Moreover, Toyota HiLux body lift components body lift kit won’t increase your HiLux’ overall ground clearance and it will increase the stress on your suspension. Lastly, it may leave a distinct gap between your bed and cab.

Toyota HiLux Suspension Lift Components and Kits

Toyota Hilux

A suspension lift kit will increase your vehicle’s ground clearance and most of the upgrades you intend to make in the long run will also benefit from it. Typically, suspension kits are a must-have when tackling a dusty trail. The improved ground clearance is their main benefit, and the main difference between a suspension and full body lift kits. Moreover, suspension kits are the more expensive option and more complicated to install. Some of the components a typical suspension kit includes are: brake hose relocation bracket, support brackets, front coil, differential front and rear mounts, rack rod ends, etc.

Regardless which type of lift kit you opt for, you’ll get the benefits of improved ground clearance and the acceptance of larger tyres. Additionally, your HiLux may gain more towing potential and an improved view and overall look. When shopping for a body lift kit, search for make, model and year specific lift kits to ensure they fit your HiLux perfectly. Moreover, your budget will impact your decision as well. However, it may be worth considering saving up extra for a suspension kit, if you plan on tackling some serious rock riding like most avid off-road enthusiasts do. Bottom line is, do your homework before shopping, and shop from a reputable supplier to ensure quality and an ideal fit.

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