Enhance Your Home’s Security with a Unique Security Screen Door

If you’re contemplating whether you need a security screen door or not, ask yourself this one simple question: “Do I want to enjoy the fresh air that comes from outside, while keeping my possessions, and more importantly, my family safe and secure?”. If the answer to that question is “Yes”, then you shouldn’t be contemplating it at all, and just get it over with.

A security screen door is an essential part of your home security plans. Statistics show that a home is burgled every 15 to 20 minutes in Victoria and NSW, so it’s crucial you have some security measures in place to protect yourself and your family from adding to those statistics. And while no security measure is flawless, a sliding door security screen goes a long way to deter criminals away from your home.

Sliding Door Security Screen

Thieves usually target homes with low levels of security, so a sliding door security screen can act as a warning sign to thieves that you take your home’s security rather seriously. Moreover, the door can act as a safety shield for pets and kids by preventing them from exiting the home accidentally. Furthermore, it prevents insects and pests from entering your home and I think everyone can appreciate being annoyance-free from crawling and flying insects.

When buying a security screen door, you have to consider how much security you need, your budget, and the look you’re going after. For instance, if you live in a high-risk area, you should consider a high-grade steel security mesh, alongside a 3 point locking system. On the other hand, if you live in an area where the requirements wouldn’t be so stringent, but you still want it to appear tough to intruders, a standard aluminium security door would do just fine.

Moreover, ensure the security door you go for meets the Australian Standards. The Australian Standards for security doors need to pass several tests, including: Anti-jemmy test, knife shear test, pull test, probe test and dynamic impact test. Additionally, ensure the door is corrosion resistant by buying from a reputable supplier who sources materials that comply to Australian standards.

Besides the material on the door’s frame, the materials of the infill screens is also important. Generally, you’ll come across stainless steel mesh, aluminium perforated sheets and aluminium grilles. Stainless steel mesh is the most commonly used one, as it’s very robust and offers high security levels. Aluminium perforated sheets are similar to stainless steel mesh, but they look different. And aluminium grilles offer less security than the other two, but are cheaper and some would argue that they have more decorative patterns.

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