Alpha Course Book – Unique Way To Explore The Meaning Of Life

 Alpha course book is a powerful weapon in the hands of prominent leaders and biblical teachers who want to spread beliefs which are questionable. This book became quite popular among preachers, priests, churches, Methodists, Baptists, Evangelists, Congregationalists and many others who have intention to explain the meaning of God in the most simple and easy to understand way.


It doesn’t mean that if you go to church every Sunday, you understand the core of Christianity. On the contrary, a lot of people do this as a routine. They don’t really understand the core message of the Christian religion. Alpha course book is meant exactly for people who have lost themselves, people who have no idea what is the meaning of life.

The Alpha course was introduced in 1977 at the Holy Trinity Brompton Church in UK. Thirteen years later, Nicky Gumbel took over the running of the Alpha Course and became an Alpha Chaplain. He was first a barrister for six years before he actually entered the Church of England. When he became part of the Holy Trinity Brompton Church, he managed to transformed the initial Alpha course into an effective technique for reaching the hearts of believers and non believers.

Since 1993, the Alpha Course Book has attracted more than 18,5 million people who seek to understand the meaning of life. Today, the Alpha Course Book a perfect solution for those who want to rediscover their faith in God.

The Alpha Course book introduces the basics of the Christian faith. This course is designed for people who want to find out more about the meaning of life. The Alpha Course book is presented in a relaxed, fun and nonthreatening way, so that people can feel free to ask questions like Who am I?, Where do I come from?, What is the purpose of life? Does life has a meaning? This enlightening book gives everyone an opportunity to explore the meaning of life and to get closer to God. Understanding the meaning of God’s words and learning how to live in a harmony. A lot of people say that this book has strengthened their faith and biblical knowledge in a short period of time.

The Alpha Course book is a reader-friendly manual that deals with issues that most Christians have in their lives. An essential and inexhaustible resource for the Church leaders and priests who want to help people to understand the essence of the Christian faith.

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