Unique methods to sell a used car


Selling a used car can be a real drag. Most buyers are always keen to bargain to the lowest price possible and not all sellers have the patience to be a part of such discussions. That is why sellers should always prepare themselves before they put their cars for sale and expect high bids. In other words, sellers need to have certified documents that show their car has a valid warranty, roadworthy certificate, pre purchase vehicle inspection documents and other paperwork that will enable a higher price. This way, seller will also avoid bargaining and dealing with boring customers who think they can lower any price. Most people who sell their cars privately, don’t have any experience and end up getting deceived by smart customers who know their way around the market. If you don’t want to be a victim, check out our unique methods of selling a used car.

Prepare your car’s records

Some buyers are so into getting the lowest price out of a deal that they are ready to inspect a car thoroughly in search for any old defects, hidden damages and scratches. In order to deal with such buyers easier, you need to arm yourself with every documentation you have on your car’s performance and service history. Log books, repair reports, paid bills, pre purchase vehicle inspection certificates and anything you can find will come in handy when dealing with potential customers. This will help you avoid any suspicion they may have. If the buyer is still persistent in his efforts, then you should probably cut him off.

Be specific

When you are selling a car (or any other item), you must be specific about information you provide in ads, during verbal communication including a set price. If you do not specify the price, or provide a range of prices, buyers will see that as an opportunity to bargain and will not stop until they reach the lowest price possible. To appeal more confident about your car price, it is good to use professional pre purchase inspection to determine a realistic price, backed up with important documents such as car engine condition reports, fuel consumption records and a official roadworthy certificate.

Test drive

Allowing a test drive is a great way to prove your statements about the condition of your car. However, do not get into any negotiating before you go for a test drive.

Take photos for adds

If you choose to sell your car via online auto market sites, make sure you upload as much photos as you can. Pre purchase inspection documents and roadworthy certificates are one way to guarantee quality, but if your buyer can’t see the car, these papers mean almost nothing.

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