Adhesive Tape: The Strength and Speed Needed for Various Applications

What makes adhesive tapes so widely used is the temporary solution they offer for so many different situations. First off, not all tapes are made to hold two pieces of paper, some industrial grade tapes are made to sustain environmental factors and even replace mechanical fasteners. With this flexible bonding solution, you can even replace welding (depending on the situation) in some cases. There are a lot of circumstances industrial tapes can be used for and they offer a lot of advantages.

Before we go into more detail regarding the benefits adhesive tapes offer, let’s appreciate the fact that today’s advancements in technology are available thanks to the introduction of the first 3m adhesive tape. Yes, 3M has really made a lot of breakthroughs when it comes to tapes and their unique features that are widely available today. Also, they are what popularized a lot of different tape types and made them the preferred solution for a lot of conventional and unconventional applications.

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The energy absorbing and stress relaxing properties of an industrial adhesive tape make it perfect for more demanding circumstances, like electronics, window and door assembly for transportation purposes. The acrylic foam that was first introduced with the 3m adhesive tape is viscoelastic by nature, which helps absorb and dissipate energy more easily, allowing you to have a more reliable bonding between the materials.


Depending on the finish and colour of the tape, you can make surfaces seem complete and way smoother than they actually are. Usually, industrial adhesives and tapes should be hidden between the bonded substrates for a more invisible fastening and unlike mechanical fasteners, you can rest assured that there will be no corrosion.

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Industrial tapes are made to be readily matched to a substrate either for permanent or repositionable use. There are also available with fully-cured pressure sensitive adhesive, which allows industrial tapes to have an immediate handling strength which is “activated” after applying pressure. The amount of pressure can vary but on most tapes, it is above 15 PSI and the strength of the bond can vary depending on the temperature.


Adhesive tape allows you to save time because if you use mechanical fasteners, you will have to spend time drilling and then fastening. With industrial tapes, you won’t need to do any of that, yet, you will have the same results as if you were to use a bolt or a screw. They can also help save on manufacturing costs when assembling various parts, as you just need to peel it off and stick it on whatever you need to, without leaving any residue after removing it.

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