Tips to Maximize Storage Space in Your Ute

Taking full advantage of the space available in your ute is very important to make the most out of your ride. If you are usually driving in urban areas this may not be so apparent, but once you leave for the outback it becomes clear. It is essential to tradies who load their professional gear onto the truck. It applies to weekenders pursuing their favorite outdoor sport. It certainly applies to the 4WD enthusiasts and campers. To people from all walks of life, as a matter of fact.

Establishing this is just the beginning, though. The fact that every truck owner wants to get as much storage space as possible is both a blessing and a curse. There are too many options and not all of them are suitable for your specific needs and situation. Here are some ideas that you can try.

Low Profile Toolbox

picture of an ute on the grass with aluminium tool box


Going for an inconspicuous toolbox works for many. Adding such storage unit in your ute tray, especially those models of boxes that are also detachable gives you the flexibility to use the box as you see fit.

Advantages of Ute Toolboxes

Heavy-Duty Build

Since toolboxes are made for outdoor use mainly, their build can withstand the elements. Be it harsh sun, torrents of rainwater or wind, a well-made truck box will not let any of that in. In terms of materials, the most reliable option is an aluminium non-slip checker plate for the shell. To ensure durable and long-lasting use, go for a high-quality joinery such as stainless steel T-Handle locks and piano hinges, gas struts, and rubber seals.

Low Profile

You want to keep your options open as the real estate on your tray can be used for a number of other uses as the occasion arises. Many blokes cover the whole ute tray with aluminium only to regret it after doing so. Installing a low profile aluminum tool box will not hog the tray and yet give you ample storage space. It’s a very popular style of ute toolbox and it can also be placed on the drawbar of a trailer. Once detached, it can be placed around the house or in the garage. These low profile gullwing toolboxes have a large and fully opening lid. In spite of their low profile, they offer great storage capacity.

Secure Storage Option

Your low profile truck box has secure locks that are put into place to protect your gear. We all know tools aren’t cheap, so don’t even look at a ute toolbox that is not lockable. You can also practice caution when leaving your ute – either flooded with light or far from anyone’s eyes. Opportunity makes the thief, however, even if someone is desperate to access your tools, you can have an extra layer of security with the T-Handle locks.

Ute Toolbox Organization Tips

picture of ute with aluminium toolbox organized on a parking


Once you have installed your ute toolbox there are many ways to approach the distribution of tools and contraptions inside. Conventional toolboxes that are meant for home garages or professional workbenches have inherent storage strategy. You can certainly take the hint and apply similar principles to your low profile truck toolbox.

The first rule is to use zoning to arrange the contents. It is best to start by placing the tools you use most often at an easily accessible location. Depending on the exact configuration of your ute toolbox, that can be either the top layer, or the most exposed part of a shelf, or the first space you see as you open the drawer. The tools that are used occasionally go to the bottom/back/base layer.

Another principle used in professional toolboxes is to arrange items by size. This is very useful, particularly if there are many pieces in the set you use. Sometimes ute toolboxes are toolboxes in name only and serve to store many different items. It’s up to you to find a way to use the space you have on your hands in an efficient way.

While some look forward to creating compartments of different sizes, or fixing permanent shelves and drawers, others dread the very thought of doing so. If the reason you went for low profile aluminum tool box is that you wanted to get more uses out of the ute tray, it is possible that you will not be interested in subdividing the space inside the toolbox. Whatever your strategy may be, make sure you make the most of the available space.

Other Ways to Maximize Ute Storage

picture of ann utre on the road with back storage organized


You can find many other micro-locations on your ute where a toolbox can be placed, especially if you are looking at mounting a low profile version. Some even go for an undertray alloy unit, however, that’s not for everyone. Others would go and create a canopy that covers the whole tray. This solution certainly has benefits if you tend to spend a prolonged period of time in the outback either as a camper or in your professional line of work.

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