Improve Your Bedroom with Unique & Stylish Furnishings

Even though we spend about a third of our lives sleeping, our bedrooms aren’t always sleep-friendly. I mean, sure, you have the bed you’ve spent a considerable time choosing and you’ve separated a considerable amount from your budget for it, but what about the rest of the room?

Sometimes, our bedrooms are everything but sanctuaries as clutter finds its way all over the bed and floor. Other times, they truly lack the comfort that speaks rest and relaxation, and there are also times when due to the lack of well-chosen furnishings there’s no quality sleep.

Since we’re not all rich enough to undertake a room upgrade or an entire home makeover, the key is to properly choose the small bits and pieces of furniture that can transform the look and feel good the whole bedroom.

grey headboard for bedroom with white bedding and side table with a lamp


Get an Attractive and Practical Headboard

As the bed is one of the focal points significant for restful sleep, it’s only natural to start the change by browsing the range of stylish designer bed heads. Some would argue the bed frame is the more important element out of the bed as a whole, others would beg to differ saying it’s actually the mattress that makes all the difference. If you ask me, it’s neither, as the bed head is definitely the first thing one notices about the bed and the bedroom as a whole. As such, we shouldn’t take it for granted, especially given its role in functionality.

In case you can’t get the needed sleep even when adopting effective strategies for sailing into dreamland, it’s time to invest in a bed head. Think about it, it’s the addition that can ameliorate your rest if you find it difficult to deal with temperature during those hot summer nights and cold winter nights. As it’s created for insulation, it can keep cold and draught at bay in the chilly days of the year, and offer coolness for the really warm ones.

Moreover, when you’re after that comfort and back support for enjoying your breakfast, catching up with the gripping story in a new book, like Gray Matter, or finishing up that last work task for the day with the laptop in the bed, it’s the headboard you can count on. Not only will you be able to prevent backaches and pains, but you can also increase the dose of comfort and support with pillows too.

Worried about damaging your walls with the bed frame? Well, that won’t happen when you’ve got the help of a designer bed head. Besides preventing scratches, it would retain your night sweat that ends up on the pillow – without it, you’d be in for wall repainting projects quite often, especially if your bed is placed right against it.

The functional side aside, headboards also have a stylish aspect to them which is why they can be found in a vast array of models. If you’re the kind of person who likes to spice things up with the decor often, be it with the style or the colour, you could get a bedhead in a luxurious classic design, with details like buttons and sewn seams for an increase in the cosiness, and simplify later with a modern touch by dressing it up with a slipcover in a different colour.

Need I mention this makes cleaning a whole lot easier too? If you’d be up for cutting down your upholstered bedhead cleaning chores, which sums up to weekly vacuuming, that’s what the machine-washable slipcover is for.

bedroom with ottoman storage


Bring in a Cute Ottoman

In smaller bedrooms where every centimetre of floor space counts, it’s somewhat challenging to increase the comfort without visually cluttering the room. That’s why my suggestion is to buy an ottoman for the small yet multi-purpose piece it is. Though primarily I got mine for seating, something I needed especially when putting on my slippers before bedtime, I’ve come to use it for various other things.

For instance, sometimes I like to put my feet up as I sit at the side of the bed, quickly checking my mail, or when I sit at the reading nook with my head buried in a book, comfortably hiding away in the armchair in my own little world. Given it’s a small bedroom, I’ve also used it as a replacement for a bedside table, and even as a chair that helps me reach my wardrobe accessories that are stored all the way up high.

round wall metal hanging shelves decoration for bedroom


Hang Some Floating Shelves

Regardless whether you have a small bedroom or not, you could always do with some shelving. Same as with the designer bed heads, shelves are the addition in the bedroom that can increase its value, improve your living, and help you solve the issue with clutter once and for all. Clutter is a thief that can steal your restful sleep, so it shouldn’t be overlooked.

What I especially like about floating design shelves is the fact you can install them anywhere you want – that’s how flexible they are! Perhaps you need storage for your nighttime essentials, so you’d require the shelves beside the bed, or maybe you want to have that extra storage spot right above the vanity for your little skin routine collection. It’s really simple with this kind of shelving. Goodbye messy bedroom, hello tidy sleep sanctuary!

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