Unique Summer Days with Above-Ground Swimming Pools

I’m not ready to say bye to summer yet, are you? Okay, let’s not get nostalgic beforehand, there are still some days left of March that we can officially call summer, but warm days certainly aren’t behind us so there’s still a chance to enjoy the beauty of what the sun has to offer and some outdoor adventures we can only hope for in those chilly autumn and freezing winter days. Before the beach season arrives, we’re all preoccupied with maintaining our perfect figure and cutting down on calories, but we soon find out it’s not as easy as we expected it to be.


I’m very fond of swimming but I don’t always have the chance to go on trips to the coastline as often as I’d love to, but since I’ve found out just how beneficial swimming is and equally, if not more, good as the exercising we do at home or the gym considering all our muscles are involved and you get to burn more calories than cycling, running and walking, I had to make way for a yard swimming pool. When looking for the durable, cost-effective and easy to maintain pool options, one can’t overlook the Bestway pools.

What I love about these pools is their above-ground design that makes for an easy set-up – in an instant you’re going to have your own pool at the yard, and just as you’ve set it up in a few steps, you can dismantle it in no time; all this without the need and costs of levelling, digging and tilling. Besides, you can change the Bestway pools location whenever you feel like it, something that can’t be done with in-ground pools. Watching an above-ground pool of these be set up is like magic, one moment the space is empty, the next you got your own summer swimming spot. Another great aspect about them is they come in different sizes so you can choose based on how much you expect to swim and on the number of people who are going to use it.


As soon as you’ve decided on the size and completed the purchase, don’t forget to get a pump and a filter system as they can circulate the water, keeping it fresh so you don’t have to end up having to replace the water more often than not and waste money on water bills. If you want to get extra protection against bacteria, apart from chlorine, you might want to get mineral packs as they can keep your pool’s pH in perfect balance. Now set up that pool and throw a party!

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