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Improve Your Bedroom with Unique & Stylish Furnishings

bedroom with ottoman storage

Even though we spend about a third of our lives sleeping, our bedrooms aren’t always sleep-friendly. I mean, sure, you have the bed you’ve spent a considerable time choosing and you’ve separated a considerable amount from your budget for it, but what about the rest of the room? Sometimes, our bedrooms are everything but sanctuaries […]

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Self-Watering Pots: Grow Veggies or Flowers with Ease

Modern pot for plant

There are indoor plants that need water every few days, while others can go a week or two without a drop. Either way, you constantly have to water them. Watering your plants can take up time of your day that you often don’t have to spare.

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Pizza Ovens: Practical & Unique Additions to Outdoor Kitchens

pizza oven wood fire brick

The concept of an outdoor kitchen has been part of the Mediterranean living for centuries. Lately, it’s been catching on in Australia too and for a good reason – it’s a great way to cook and eat while enjoying the wonderful sunny weather. When building an outdoor space suitable for lounging, normally, you want to […]

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Unique Bathroom Ideas: Victorian Style with a Modern Twist

Victorian style bathroom with sink

No matter how trends in interior design change over the years, Victorian bathrooms and vintage styles continue to fascinate and delight us in equal measure. Even though contemporary bathrooms are the norm, there are people who still have a love for vintage designs. The good news for them is that in the past few years, […]

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Nothing’s More Unique Than Making Your Favourite Espresso at Home


For many people coffee is more than just a part of their daily routine, it’s a personal ritual. And you know you’re a true coffee fan when you become picky with your beans and roasts. So, you might prefer the kick you get from espresso beans as opposed to regular coffee beans. But unlike regular […]

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