Unique Date Ideas by Sun Sign

If you have a problem choosing the perfect location for a date, take a look at the horoscope. The place and the activity you choose for the first date is very important for your relationship. Of course, it is best to choose an activity that you enjoy, but that does not mean you can not make some effort and with the help of astrology assume what might appeal to your partner.

Date Ideas Zodiac


You will impress your Aries, if you take them to a party, where they can dance and have fun until the morning. Aries likes events, so you can also take them to some music or film festival.


The ideal date for the Taurus, would be a picnic in the park. Taureans love food, so anything that involves food will delight them. Cinema is also a very attractive option, because it is a place where they won’t be under pressure to have to talk.


For people born under the sign of Gemini, the place for the date is not so important, as it is the stimulating conversation. You can visit a museum and after that you can go in a confectionery. Geminis love exotic cuisine also, so any unique and unusual restaurant is certainly a good idea for a date.


A date in a restaurant with romantic atmosphere and their favorite food, will be very good idea for the Cancerians. Avoid crowded places such as music concerts and similar events.


Leos love to be seen, but it must be carried out in an elegant way. They will not be impressed with the VIP areas at the club, but a dinner in an exclusive restaurant or a cocktail party will simply delight them. They appreciate the elegance above all.


You can take the Virgo to a date in a peaceful café. You can ride bikes together, go roller-skating or on a walk through the park or by the lake. They will also feel pleasant at some cultural event.


Libras have a great sense of beauty, so you can always take them to some art exhibition. Be neat and sophisticated, and forget about the smoky bars.


Scorpios are very unpredictable, so do not plan anything and always listen to their opinion. Suggest an activity, sport or recreation – but make sure it is energetic enough for the Scorpio.


Sagittarians are real travelers and they will appreciate if you take them out of their environment. The first date with the Sagittarian can be a group going out with friends. They appreciate the opinions of others, and will be even more attracted to you, if you are popular and interesting in society.


Capricorns love dates that are enriching in some way, either culturally, spiritually or materially. The date with the Capricorn should be practical and useful.


Aquarians love events that have a purpose, especially humanitarian events. Suggest them a charity work and you will certainly win their heart. If you want to take them out to dinner, choose some unusual cuisine.


Pisceans are attracted to anything related to water. Therefore, a walk by a lake or sea is a great idea. Pisceans are fascinated with the spiritual, and will have a good time at events that offer an escape from reality. Getting to know the Piscean takes a long time, so the perfect place to go is a quiet and peaceful environment where you can talk in peace.

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