Unique Traits Of Air Signs

As we know, there are twelve zodiac signs in the Western astrology. There is an element assigned to each sign, which gives them unique characteristics.

Traits Of Air Signs

There are four elements in astrology: fire, water, earth and air, and each of them carries a certain behavioral pattern. Fire signs are ambitious and assertive, water signs are adaptable and intuitive, earth signs are stable and nurturing, while air signs are intellectual and inspiring. The three signs that are associated with the element air are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Continue reading to find out the unique traits of the air signs.

The air signs are analytical, curious, intellectual, social and communicative. Air represents mental activity, thoughts, reason, intellect and knowledge. Air also represents change, and change is necessary for growth and achievement. The air signs love communication, social gatherings, good books and enjoy giving advices. They are very social people and love mingling. The bad thing about these signs is that sometimes they put their head in the clouds and can be very superficial. People born under the air signs are detached, aloof and cool. They have an ability to experience life through many prisms and they are excellent communicators, storytellers, interpreters and journalists. They are also great thinkers and look objectively at the world around them. All air signs are dreamers and sometimes have problems to express their emotions. They are very adaptable, love friendship and can communicate with all kinds of people. The air signs can easily create a comfortable atmosphere around them, wherever they are. They are fun-loving, have no prejudices and are always willing to learn. They can easily cope with any situation and always have a good solution for their problems.

Gemini traits

Gemini-born people are gifted with high intelligence, speed of thought and immense curiosity. Geminis are very analytical people that love to learn. They are very tolerant and can adapt to all situations and people. They are confident, secure in their talents and their ability to think. Gemini never lack imagination, always has plenty of new ideas. People born under this zodiac sign are usually very charming, eloquent and have a great sense of humor. Often, Gemini-born people begin many things and tasks at once, and in the end finish nothing. Many people born under this sign have difficulty concentrating on some things, and can be very superficial. They are often terribly bored, because of their excessive desire to be constantly entertained. Geminis do not stick to their promises and they only think about themselves.

Libra traits

Libras love harmony, beauty and balance. They are pleasant, friendly and devoted people. They love mingling and usually have a lot of friends. They are open-minded and intelligent. Libras hate injustice, gossip and argue a lot, always tend to be very tactical and prudent. They like harmony in all relationships. Libras have a keen sense of beauty. Many of them love nice furniture and fine clothes. They are artistic and their homes are usually delightfully furnished and very pleasant.

In order to secure peace and harmony, Libras are capable to do everything and sometimes can be very insincere. Many of them do not have the strength to cope with life. They prefer to live in their own imaginary world. They often seek luxury and material goods. Some Libras can be very jealous.

Aquarius traits

Aquarius is definitely the most tolerant from all air signs. Aquarius-born people always put their head in the clouds. They respect other opinions and they will never do something with a purpose to hurt someone’s feelings. Aquarius-born people are always willing to help and are great humanitarians. Sometimes, people born under this zodiac sign can be big dreamers. They make plans, but barely follow them. Aquarius-born people can be very unrealistic and eccentric. They are often misunderstood, because of their unconventional behavior. They never admit their mistakes and their criticism can be very negative and destructive.

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