Unique Features of Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring

With so many flooring trends available, it seems that everyone is looking for a resilient flooring solution. Superior durability, comfort, support, exceptional style and above all, superior cost are the key features homeowners are requiring. For this reason, everyone demands homogenous vinyl flooring. The uniform structure of homogeneous vinyl flooring offers numerous benefits. Made out of PVC, fillers, stabilizes and plasticizers, homogeneous vinyl flooring is waterproof and resistant to stains, dents, cuts, tear and wear.

Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring

The process of producing homogeneous vinyl flooring usually consists of 2 or 3 stages:

  • classifying and mixing
  • consolidation
  • laminating (not always used).

All the raw materials are first classified and mixed, then consolidated, assembled into sheets or rolls and packaged and distributed to retailers and then to end-users.

Because of its unique features, such as ability to absorb sound, less noise, and superior comfort minimizing the stress to legs and lower back caused by standing for many hours, homogeneous vinyl flooring is No.1 solution for many industries. It is most commonly used in schools, gyms, playrooms, healthcare facilities, offices, etc. of course, superior durability, high resistance, long life and low cost attribute to the fact that homogenous vinyl flooring is in high demand. .

The average lifetime of homogeneous vinyl flooring is about 25-30 years, which means high return on the investment. Of course, this does not apply to all types of vinyl. How long will vinyl floor last depends on the amount of foot traffic and maintenance. Generally, maintenance is cheap and easy. Once a week weeping and mopping with warm clean water and mild cleaning detergent is usually enough. For high traffic rooms, such as kitchens and bathrooms, more often cleaning is required.

Homogeneous vinyl flooring is economical and resilient with numerous stylish options. It can be found in a wide range of colours and patterns, including chip designs. Moreover, homogeneous vinyl flooring is easy to instal. Certain adhesive may be required, depending on the type and 72 hours are needed for the adhesive to set. Make sure you do not place any heavy objects, such as furniture before the adhesive has dried completely. If you have no skills, it is best to hire a professional to install the vinyl flooring for you to ensure it is done the right way.

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