The Unique Kato Crane Possibilities

The Kato cranes are well-known for their reliability, durability and excellent performance. All cranes from Kato have a wide range of applications, thanks to their unique capabilities. Most Kato cranes weight about 50 tons and their boom is about 50 meters long. The Kato cranes are considered as some of the finest on the market, and these lifting machines can be seen on many construction sites all over Australia. Read on to find out few more features about the Kato cranes.

The Unique Kato Crane Possibilities

The lifting capacity of the Kato cranes ranges up to 160 tons, and the boom can lift loads up to 50 meters. The longest lifting height is about 90 meters when the Kato cranes are fully extended.

The working radius for the jib operation of every Kato crane included in the manual is based on the value obtained when the boom is fully extended. Therefore, the jib operations should be carried out based on that radius, whether the boom is fully extended or not.

If the boom length exceeds its limit, the rated lifting capacities of the boom will be reduced and the crane will be operated with smaller lifting capacity.

When using the main boom with a jib, the weight of the hook block and other lifting equipment should be subtracted from the rated lifting capacities.

The critical boom angles are shown in the crane manual in the rated lifting capacity table. When the boom angle is lowered to less than the critical boom angle, the crane tips over without the load. This means that the boom should never be lowered below the critical boom angle.

The Kato cranes usually tip over when a load exceeds the specified lifting capacity in the table, or when the operator performs incorrect handling.

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