The Unique Way Tower Cranes Are Built

A tower crane is a type of heavy-duty equipment used for lifting and moving large and heavy objects, and can be found at every construction site. The tower cranes are considered the most efficient lifting machines, capable of lifting even the heaviest loads. Also, tower cranes offer an exceptional stability, thanks to their fixed base that is usually fixed with concrete. They are used for setting steel beams, move large amounts of concrete, huge construction equipment and machinery, etc. However, the tower cranes Australia are not used only in the construction industry, but also in other industry sectors where lifting and moving of heavy objects is required, such as the transportation and shipping industry.


The tower cranes Australia are built by assembling multiple pieces. It is a quiet complicated process. The first step in building a tower crane is setting the mass section into the ground. Then, a concrete is poured over the mass section. Once the concrete is completely dry, the tower crane is erected. Depending on the size of the tower crane, about 15 bolts should be installed and torqued with a hydraulic wrench.

When the base of the tower crane is set, the building process continues by adding few more mast sections until the desired height is reached. Then, the heaviest element of the tower crane, the turntable, is mounted. This part consists of a trolley, operator’s cabin, a hoisting rope, a jib and a counter-jib. The jib is mounted by using a portable crane. Once the jib is set in place, the hoist needs to be attached to it and pulled up to the tower top. The counter-jib is mounted as a single piece and is connected to the turntable with large pins.

The final step in the building process of the tower cranes in Australia is checking the capacity of the tower crane by a load test. If the tower crane passes the load test, it is functional and ready to be used. The whole building process of a tower crane usually takes up to five hours, but this mainly depends on the size and the design of the tower crane. Also, the process involves about 10 trucks, 5 crane erectors, 1-3 portable cranes and 2 experienced crane operators to guide the process. The cost of building tower cranes Australia ranges from $20,000 to $55,000, depending on the type.

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