The Unique Grove All Terrain Cranes

Grove is a manufacturer of mobile hydraulic cranes. With few manufacturing facilities, Grove offers a comprehensive range of products to support any lifting operation, including truck-mounted cranes, rough terrain cranes and all terrain cranes. All cranes from Grove provide an exceptional mobility, great lifting capacity and great maneuverability. The most unique lifting machine from Grove is the all terrain mobile crane. This crane offers a unique combination of fast highway speeds with off-road performance and extremely powerful lifting capacity.


Grove offers all terrain cranes for sale that really stand out from all other crane models, because they can quickly and efficiently move from one location to another. Also, the all terrain mobile crane can travel from one location to another with the speed of almost 90 km/h. Instead of using multiple trucks, the all terrain mobile crane from Grove needs only one truck to haul the additional counterweight, rigging and similar items. The two most popular all terrain cranes for sale from Grove are: the GMK5275 and the GMK5165.

As the name suggests, the all terrain mobile crane can travel on any surface type and can work efficiently regardless of the weather conditions. From highway directly to gravel and similar hard surfaces, the all terrain cranes can easily move without problems. Another unique feature of the all terrain mobile crane is the patented Grove MEGATRANK independent suspension. This system is very different from the traditional suspension system, mainly because it efficiently eliminates the axles, so the suspension can easily be raised and lowered from the operating cabin. Additionally, the MEGATRANK keeps the wheels on the ground all the time, and provides great comfort for the drivers.

The aforementioned GMK model includes a four-section boom and one extend cylinder, allowing the operators to use only the section/s they need. Also, they include fewer cables and cylinders in order to provide greater lifting capacity. The all terrain mobile crane from Grove features an integrated, heavy-duty jib that can deal with two-hook operations. This jib is controlled from the operator’s cabin and can be utilized with any jib configuration. The Grove all terrain cranes include an electronic crane operating system (ECOS) that controls the entire principal operation of the crane with lift planning and carrier functions.

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