The Unique Way Of Transporting Goods With Truck Mounted Cranes

A truck-mounted crane is a simple lifting machine mounted on a powerful truck. Because it is mounted on a truck, the crane provides an incredible mobility and flexibility. There are various models of truck mounted cranes on the market, and they usually have a lifting capacity of up to 1300 tons. Although there are many different truck-mounted crane designs, one thing they all share is the safe operation.


Truck mounted cranes use a unique way of transporting goods from one location to another. This is because the truck mounted cranes combine the features of trucks and cranes. These cranes are also capable to travel on highways, providing one more benefit over the other crane types. This option eliminates the need for additional vehicle for transportation, and also saves money and time. For greater stability, the truck mounted cranes use outriggers, which can be extend horizontally from the chassis when the crane is loaded.

When mounted on a commercial truck, the truck-mounted crane can perform the same lifting tasks like the normal jib or bridge cranes. The commercial truck-mounted crane has two basic designs: telescoping and articulating. Its lifting capacity and boom extension lengths varies, depending on the size of the vehicle. In general, the truck-mounted crane is a compact machine that requires little space for operation. Most truck mounted cranes today provide hydraulic operation, and offer other benefits, such as rotation, maneuverability and extension. Usually, the truck mounted cranes are operated from the cabins, but some models can be operated by a remote control, allowing the operator to control the truck-mounted crane from a safe distance.


Although the truck mounted cranes can travel on highways, this doesn’t mean that their path will be always obstacle free, and a safe handling can not be always guaranteed. These cranes can be loaded with extremely heavy loads, so a close attention is needed when moving on the roads. Attention is required because the truck mounted cranes have only slow-traveling capability while suspending a load. Also, the turns represent a potential danger for tipping over, and they need to be taken steadily and wide, not like a driver of a racing car. Despite the outriggers, most truck mounted cranes include counterweights for additional stability.


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