Unique Solutions To Tip-Over Stability Of Mobile Boom Cranes – Part 2

Continuing from part 1…

When a boom crane is used, its base is fixed to the ground for extra stability when heavy loads are lifted. The boom cranes with fixed configuration compromises the main advantages of the mobile boom cranes. However, the base motion reduces the stability of the crane base. Loads that are attached to the crane with their oscillatory motion significantly reduce the stability of the crane and increase the risk of tipping over. Additionally, more complicated loads only increase the tipping over problem and the risk of various accidents. The worst scenario when the mobile boom crane loses control is to cause damages to itself and to the surrounding, while injuring the operator and the workers in the nearby area.


All mobile boom cranes represent a potential threat of tipping over, especially when loaded. The tip-over stability is an important factor, and there are several solutions how to avoid tip-over problems. Tipping over is a common problem that occurs very often when the boom cranes are used for tasks like scissor lifts, lifting trucks, aerial platforms, etc. One effective solution to prevent tipping over of your mobile boom crane is to install a counter-weight on the crane base for better balance. Many types of heavy machinery include counter-weights, but is not something that a mobile boom crane offers.

Another solution for the tipping problem is to use stabilizing arms. Some heavy machinery come with arms that can be extended, but this feature is not included in most boom crane models. The extending arms are locked in the crane, and are extended when heavy loads are lifted. These solutions are preventive and are used for avoiding the worst case scenarios.

Some mobile boom crane models do not include such tip-over safety features. So, if you want to avoid the tipping problem, you need to equip your boom crane with additional safety features, like the stabilizing arms. Today, there are many boom crane models that come with systems capable to predict a tip-over and to alert the operator with warning signals. The current tip-over warning systems rely heavily on the ability and the skills of the operators.

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