What to Consider When Deciding Between a Bolt-On and a Custom Exhaust

If you’re looking for a brand new Nissan Navara D22 exhaust system, you’ll be faced with a ton of options simply because there are too many different types and models of aftermarket exhaust systems available on the market nowadays. For those who are unaware, aftermarket exhaust systems are the most simple, affordable and effective way to improve engine performance and let some extra horsepower out. Aftermarket systems allow for quicker escape of exhaust gases through their wider diameter pipe, which also results in less expenditure of energy to do so.

Nissan Navara D22 exhaust system

Despite the many different options you’ll come across, the major decision you’ll have to make is whether you should opt for a bolt-on kit or have a custom one made for your Nissan Navara. A bolt-on Nissan Navara D22 exhaust system is cheaper and much easier to install. All you have to do is follow the instructions and with a little bit of car knowledge, you can install it on your vehicle by yourself in no time. Bolt-on exhaust kits are made to fit the specific model, make and year of a vehicle, meaning the kit will be the perfect fit for your car, as long as it isn’t heavily modified.

Since bolt-on kits are mass-produced, you can rest assured that there are replacement parts easily available and that there’s consistent build quality. However, some brands might not offer bolt-on exhaust systems for your model, so you’ll be only left with the option of going for a custom made one. Another disadvantage of bolt-on exhaust systems is that once you bolt it on, that’s pretty much it – you can’t perform any additional customization and tuning. In other words, you’re going to be limited by the constraints caused by the bolt-on exhaust system you install.

On the other hand, custom-made aftermarket exhaust systems allow for extra tuning to your wants and needs, which is especially beneficial for competitive racers who need an exhaust system which provides a greater level of refinement. You can choose between twin dump pipes and different sizes of primary runner lengths and mufflers. That being said, some custom-made exhaust systems make sure that you can get the best performance out of your vehicle.

But on the downside, custom exhausts are three to four times more expensive than a bolt-on system for the same vehicle. They’re also usually hand-built, which means they aren’t as reliable due to human error. So unless you’re racing, you’re probably better off with a bolt-on system.

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