Disposable Food Containers: Convenient and Eco-Friendly Solution

Whether you run a fast food joint or a small neighborhood diner, providing delicious food is not the only thing that will make your business stand out from the competition. Sometimes, it’s the little things like containers that can have an impact. In fact, it is becoming more and more apparent that food business cannot afford not to go green as this may leave wrong impression, turn off environmentally conscious customers (the number of which is growing) and ultimately harm the business rather seriously. Except for that reason, here are a few more reasons why switching to disposable food containers for your takeaways is a smart idea.

disposable lunch trays with lids

Sanitation and Health

This is an aspect that many people don’t even think about when considering switching to disposable containers. Namely, disposable lunch trays with lids are better at keeping the food fresh. Moreover, disposable lunch trays with lids are insulated which helps keeping the food at an adequate temperature. This leads to less food spoilage and consequently, less food related health risks. Material-wise, it is best to go with disposable lunch trays with lids made of renewable and sustainable bamboo fibres or ones made from bagasse (a 100% natural eco-friendly material).

The Beauty of Doing Your Part

If you’re starting from scratch, the mere idea of going green can feel like chewing more than you can swallow. But when considering when and how to start (or whether you should start at all), have in mind that food service requires lots of energy and water, thus this industry generates a huge amount of waste. This is why no one expects from you to change everything overnight. Even the small steps can over time have a ripple effect and make a difference to the environment. The mere effort to do your part as much as possible can positively affect your reputation as a business. And the simplest way to show that effort is through the type of packaging you use (compostable plates, compostable cups, compostable takeaway boxes and compostable cutlery). This is a cost-effective, yet very powerful way to show customers your commitment to sustainability.

disposable lunch trays with lids 1


Disposable containers are a convenient storage option that can be used for almost anything. You can use disposable cups for hot or cold beverages, and disposable takeaway containers the lids of which should also be eco-friendly for almost all food items you offer. Just remember to opt for models that are reliable and durable enough as to serve their purpose right.

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