Unique Abilities Of The Kitchen Stand Mixer

Life is much easier when you have a kitchen stand mixer. It is one of those appliances you must have in your kitchen. Especially around the holidays. Those who use it, know that there is a big difference between a traditional and a stand mixer. You’ll be able to wash your pots or prepare other meals, while watching how the mixer prepares the delicious butter-cream you need for your cake. You can use your hands for other kitchen tasks because the stand mixer will do all the work for you. With a professional stand mixer, you don’t have to make a dough manually anymore. For those who haven’t tried the kitchen stand mixer yet, here are the top reasons why you should put this mixer on your shopping list:


Hands Free Mixing

The traditional mixers require effort and take a lot of your valuable time. With such mixer, you will need to mix the ingredients by yourself. Instead of doing that, focus on preparing other meals by knowing the the stand mixer will do all the work for you. Just throw all the necessary ingredients and leave your kitchen stand mixer to do the rest of the job.

Less Mess

Okay, you have to admit that your hand mixer makes even greater mess than the one your kids use as a toy. Do you often lose control over the mixer, causing huge mess in the kitchen? The solution is a stand mixer. It will mix the ingredients evenly and will stay in the bowl all the time.

More Speed

Unlike the hand mixers that use one to there speeds, the stand mixers have up to 5 different speeds. You can regulate the speed according to your needs. For example, you can start mixing eggs slower and than continue with faster speed to create a nice firm icing for your cake. Changing speeds is quite useful, especially when you make a dough for bread, cookies or pizza.


What most people love about stand mixers,is their ability to stand sturdy. You don’t have to twist your hand while mixing. Just set up the machine, throw the ingredients and you are good to go. The entire machine will remain still while mixing. With hand mixers, you will have to manually turn the mixer around the bowl in order to mix the ingredients well.

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