Unique Is Beautiful: Bathroom Products That Will Give Your Space a Dose of Glamour

Probably the one room in the entire home that can really show just how much its owner pays attention to the condition of its comprising parts, is the bathroom. Not to be judgemental, but there are people who neglect the bathroom in their blind attempt to make the living room sparkly for their respective guests. Like those people won’t go to the toilet eventually.

Besides the non-discussable level of hygiene, what matters most in a beautiful bathroom is whether all pieces are made of the same material and level of quality, are they well arranged and how is the bathroom decorated. Yes, as the room in which you go to take a relaxing shower, maybe an aromatic bath and prepare yourself for bed, the bathroom has a meaning and purpose of its own. As such, it needs to be decorated in a certain way in order to deserve that special name: a soothing oasis.


So, how do you design and decorate a bathroom that will make you forget about time and just relax? When you search for bathroom products in Australia, you’ll come across a number of designs out of which some will suit you by taste and affordability, and some will be too tacky and rather expensive for your budget. In this post, I’ll choose the one option that never goes out of fashion: simplicity in colour and design, and quality of material.

Probably the easiest way to find such an everlasting combo of bathroom products in Australia is to be very clear in your search. That means avoid the golden pieces, the extravagant designs suitable for yacht bathrooms and similar stuff which retailers in shops will so devotedly try to sell you. Instead, concentrate on choosing quality and design that will serve you for a long time, will be easy to clean and can be altered in looks when needed.

Baths and Shower Cabins

The choice really depends on the available space: if you have enough free space, why not go for a free-standing bath in which you’ll be able to indulge in bubble baths for half an hour? Choose one in plain colour, white or black and make sure it’s made of stone, ceramic or porcelain. These materials are long-lasting and very easy to maintain. If the case is the opposite, go with a shower cabin. The important thing here is to choose quality tapware that won’t rust.


I’ve always been a fan of naked basins without any supporting boxes below. A large, all white or black, made of hard, quality material basin is the ultimate practicality – washing your face and teeth in the morning would be a pure delight. The basin can be round, eliptical or even square if you prefer.


Ah, the all-mighty throne. It’s actually a very common mistake for the toilet to differ so much from the basin and the bath, especially in material. Why would you pick something made of plastic if everything else is made of ceramic, for example? Don’t disrupt the picture of the perfect bathroom by adding something as short-lasting as a plastic toilet element. Plus, these are hard to keep clean.

Accessories and Decorations

Under accessories for the bathroom are mainly the little bottles in which you hold the liquid soap and shower gels or creams. There’s also the toothbrush holder and the soap holder, which should all be in the same design and in accordance with the bathroom’s colours and overall ambiance. As for decorations, it really depends on how you perceive your time in the bathroom; if you like to enjoy a long bath, then scented candles are a-must. Also, a small, artificial flower to break any rather dark colour scheme would be nice.

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