Unique Network Testing Tools

The network testing tools are used for solving problems with slow network applications, routes, and DNS resolution. By using the networking testing tools, you will solve IT problems within minutes. Nowadays, with the technology improving constantly, a range of network testing tools are emerging on the market, designed to solve issues faster. Solid network testing tools increase the accuracy and the reliability of the connections and immediately detect faults. These network testing tools can help you save not only time, but also money on expensive repairs. Here are some unique network testing tools available on the market today.


Cable Tester – Prevent costly repairs and fix various problems on time by using cable testers. These network testing tools come in many forms and with different specifications. There are several types of network cable testers, all designed to test the strength and the connectivity of a specific type of cable. This network testing tools check for any open circuit or gauge of wire that might cause malfunctioning of the cables and improper communication between the source and the cable. For continuous flow of information and data sharing, cable testers are essential tools that are needed in every office.

Punch Down Tool – In order to make sure that the cables are patched properly into the switch port, without damaging the cable, punch down tools are ideal network testing tools. With the help of these network testing tools, you will be able to cut off the excess wires of a specific cable without leaving any marks on it that might cause problems later. Punch down tool is a handy device, perfect for inserting wires into the correct patch panel ports without any cable faults. Once the wires are properly placed into the ports, punch down tools press the wires down and secure them into the slots.

Impact Tools – The impact tools are another useful group of network testing tools for impeccable installation of network cables. Due to their mechanism, the impact tools terminate the wires in the right slots and are easy to use. Because the technology is advancing with high speed, it is useful to have various network testing tools that will help you connect servers without any faults. Sending data from one server to another without any network problems can only be achieved by using network testing tools that are designed to contribute positively to the professional cabling, installing, testing and troubleshooting the connections of the cables.

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