Nasal Pillows – Unique Way To Get Used To CPAP Therapy


For those who suffer from sleep apnea, doctors recommend the effective CPAP masks. However, some patients cannot tolerate the noise and the discomfort of the Cpap machines. In such cases, doctors recommend using nasal pillows as an alternative to the uncomfortable CPAP masks. The nasal pillows are excellent choice for people who are claustrophobic and can’t stand wearing Cpap full face masks. Nasal pillows are plastic inserts that go directly into the nostrils. Patients can change sleeping positions during night without worrying that Cpap treatment will be interrupted. From all CPAP alternatives, nasal pillows are the best because they don’t obstruct patient’s vision and reduce the air leak.

  • Nasal pillows are ideal for people who feel anxiety every time they put a respiratory mask on. Some patients even feel like they are suffocating from the masks, and that’s the main reason why they give up on the CPAP treatment. Nasal pillows are an effective solution for eliminating anxiety and claustrophobia.
  • What makes nasal pillows different from other CPAP alternatives, is the fact that these devices are designed to fit larger contours of male facial structures. Thus, the ones designed for women have several part platform, with smaller frame and headgear facial dimensions.
  • Men that have large mustaches or beards might have a problem with sealing the full face mask. Therefore, it would be ideal to try using the nasal pillows because they apply the CPAP pressure directly through the nostrils.
  • Nasal pillows can be combined with other mask styles in order to minimize the anxiety and to make the CPAP treatment more comfortable. It takes time to get used to wearing nasal pillows, but at least you can breath freely and with no problems.
  • What makes nasal pillows one of ideal CPAP alternatives, is the fact that nasal pillows provide increased comfort and freedom while watching TV or reading a book before going to bed.
  • Some people that have sensitive skin might have an allergic reaction to the plastic of the full face mask. They usually use nasal pillows.

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