The Unique Mobile Crushers By Fote

Mobile crushers are the most popular type of crushers today and are extensively used in quarry, construction, stone production lines, metallurgy, highway, railway and mining industry. The mobile crushers are able to meet the various production requirements of any customer, due to their unique advantages over the traditional crushers. As a new type of rock crushing machine, the mobile crusher is able to break any barriers on a crushing or mining site at low operating costs. The cost-efficiency is one of their best advantage and it is what many operators consider first. Also, most mobile crushers are able to carry out on-site crushing of a variety of raw materials and move on any type of surface, reducing the transportation costs of the materials.


One of the most popular manufacturers of mobile crushers today is Fote. The Chinese factory was established in 1982 and today it operates on 160,000 m² heavy-industrial plant with over 2000 employees. Fote has designed and produced some of the best mobile crushers, which are exported to over 90 countries and regions. Here are the features that make the Fote mobile crushers unique.

  • Adaptable Configuration: Fote mobile crushers are able to deal with either a group of independent operations or a joint operation. Feeding, crushing and conveying, these mobile crushers can do it all. The operators can adjust the machines for each process before operation. Fote mobile crushers provide an exceptional performance in aggregate production, open-pit mining operations and rock crushing. With a combination of few different models for large production crushing operations, the operators are able to complete different processes in the same time.
  • Integrated Structure: All Fote mobile crushers have an integrated structure, so they can be efficient for both small and large production lines. They do not feature any complex components, which has a significant impact on the labor resources and fuel consumption.
  • Incredible Flexibility: With compact size and vehicle chassis, Fote mobile crushers are highly flexible. The small turning radius also contributes to the flexibility, as well as the overall body width. The mobile crushing station of these units is much more convenient for traveling in the toughest road conditions, so the operators can operate on all kinds of environments.

Customer-oriented, experienced and dedicated mobile crusher manufacturer, Fote offers all types of mobile crushing solutions and machines. The company uses proven techniques, highly-advanced technology and well-trained staff, offering the customers with high-quality and durable equipment.

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