Office Gardens: Make the Most of Work and Gardening

When it comes to getting a hobby that’s fun, educational, and provides you with great results, gardening comes among the top choices. Think of it as a hobby you get for life, and one you can pass down to other generations, that’s also great for the various benefits it offers: it’s interesting to do, it gets you in touch with nature, it engages you physically, and it provides you with tasty and healthy produce.

It’s impossible to overlook all of this, however since more of us find ourselves living urban lifestyles, and working 9 to 5 every day or more stuck in an office, fitting gardening somewhere in between this seems like quite the big of a challenge. While that may be true, you’ve also got a unique opportunity to make use of it as best you can with a simple solution: bring your garden to work.

Making the Office Gardening Work


I know, you might be thinking it sounds too far-fetched, but it’s actually easy now that there are various designs of practical commercial planter boxes you can pick for your office garden. You’d also love them for their stylishness, and how much they add to the décor of the workplace even though this isn’t the priority when buying them.

Containers Over Raised Beds

If you’re lucky to be working in an office fit in a building with unused outdoor space, then you can get the true benefits and feeling of gardening with unique raised beds like you expect to have with a “green roof”. Still, this isn’t a reason for the rest of us to despair since container gardens have their own charms that compensate.

Great Use of Space

For one, you can fit them anywhere you like as they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For instance, if you don’t have a balcony or a roof for a garden, you can buy compact office planters that would offer you the chance to get an urban garden by placing them in corners, right by your desk, in a separate room chosen especially for the garden, or even hanging them on walls.

Fewer Chores

Yes, this means you can get your lovely flowers, herbs, fruits and veggies anywhere you like in your workspace. Besides this advantage, you’d have the chores of tilling the ground and weeding off your chest too, except for the occasional mulching – this is especially worth considering as a plus if you can’t really introduce much of the gardening chores in your working schedule.

Improved Irrigation


More on the plus side, there are some ultramodern commercial planter boxes that also take the weight of watering off your shoulders with their self-watering designs. This is particularly beneficial given that watering happens to be one of the most time-consuming chores.

Not only would you get to save precious time that you’d otherwise spend on your office work with these planters, but you’d get to save money as well as you won’t overwater the plants, or kill them with forgetting to water them at all.

As they have their integrated water systems, you just have to fill the reservoirs up when the indicator points out and leave the rest to their plants to get as much water as they need, when they need it. It’s needless to mention, such designs prove to be of assistance when you want to cut down on the water waste in the workplace too.

Native Plants Over Introduced

Now this is worth giving a thought if you want to get rid of more gardening chores. Since native plants are adapted to the local climate as opposed to the non-native, they require less maintenance.

You may love the idea of having some introduced plants in your urban office garden, but for the sake of making gardening easier for you, choose, same as flowers, so you’ve got plenty to pick from – it all depends on what you want your produce to be like.

As long as you plant them in commercial planter boxes that offer enough root growth, you can count on garden success! How do you like the idea of having your own fresh office produce you can add to your meals as the main or side ingredients?

What Are the Benefits from Having an Office Garden?


It’s no secret greenery helps improve one’s mood and productivity. In an environment like the office that can turn stressful and gloomy easily, having a garden can break away the monotony, provide a healthy atmosphere with improved air quality, as well as relieve one’s anxiety. Have you ever seen a gardener tending to the needs of the plants while being stressed out?

Apart from the enhanced brain activity, that would help you keep track of your assignments, and focus on every task at hand, you’d also look forward to seeing your efforts come to fruition when you notice the plants growing. Hard work pays off, and gardening is the perfect example of it. Just what you need in a workplace.

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