Working Clothes: Unique Features That Ensure Greater Safety

Wearing suitable clothes for the task at hand is crucial. Work clothes for personal protection are especially important in construction, firefighting, line working, traffic control, hazmat response and security. Making sure that the workers are safe is not only a moral obligation but also a legal regulation. Being on the side of caution and protecting the workers with the appropriate work clothes will reduce, even eliminate the hazards of the job. However, not every type of clothing is appropriate for industry workers. There are certain features that need to be included so that unusual risks are mitigated and greater safety is ensured.

To begin with, work clothes need to be made out of a heavy-duty fabric which can provide a decent layer of protection in case of an unfortunate accident. Also, elasticity is a major factor when it comes to having flexibility when moving. Oftentimes, when the job requires working with heat and flame, it is of utmost importance to wear clothes made of flame-resistant material. If there is a need to buy work clothes of this type, it needs to be noted that there are different levels of flame resistance depending on the seriousness of the potential danger.

Another important feature is insulation and while it is not obviously related to safety, extremely cold weather can cause harm as serious as electricity or toxins. Properly insulated work clothes can improve the performance of the worker by keeping him free from the distraction caused by feeling uncomfortable and cold. Furthermore, waterproof work clothes provide extra comfort for general industry jobs, but in situations when dealing with harmful liquids, they protect the worker from spills seeping through to the ski which makes them mandatory. Visibility is a major factor too as bright and reflective details can ensure that the worker can be seen at all times.

When it comes to the type of materials the work clothes are made of, there are various combinations. When there is a need to buy work clothes, one has to check how appropriate they are for the job. Thus, for flame-resistant clothes, the best option is leather, treated cotton, aramids, carbon fibre and fluoropolymers with aluminized linings. Additionally, it should be noted that these materials are not fire-proof but fire-retardant. For cold weather protection materials such as cotton, polycotton, polyester, fleece, wool and blends with rubberized shell can help maintain proper body temperature, whereas polyester, nylon, wool and silk are commonly used for sun protection as these materials reflect UV radiation well. Also, the colour has a significant role in the amount of light reflection, so bright coloured clothes are the best choice. Better visibility can be achieved with polyester, cotton, acrylic or fluoropolymer fabrics with reflective markings and all of these items need to be coloured in fluorescent yellow or orange.

All in all, work clothes should provide comfort, durability, flexibility and allow mobility. They should be protective and with unparalleled quality as well as functional enough as to enable performance in the toughest conditions. Nothing less than these qualities is acceptable for the sake of the worker’s safety.

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