Why FXD Workwear is Workers’ First Choice

Whether you’re doing a messy job on a building site or you work in a clean environment, you want to be dressed for the occasion. Besides, wearing safety and comfortable workwear is known to boost professionalism and productivity.

FXD Workwear

When it comes to choosing your workwear, there are so many options available these days, and you might need some guidance. One thing is for sure though – your workwear should be of good quality.

FXD workwear is available on the Australian market for more than 25 years, providing professional, durable and stylish workwear for every hard worker out there. The following features explain why FXD clothes are so popular among workers.

Function By Design

FXD stands for ‘Function By Design’. Behind this brand is Globe International, a company established in 1980 in Australia, by the three brothers Hill. At first, it promoted skateboarding products, and later it extended to street style and workwear apparel. Today, Globe International is a worldwide distributor of technical apparel for board sports, streetwear and workwear clothes. The ‘Function By Design’ products are consistent, reliable, quality and suitable for the workplace.


Workwear manufacturers in general aspire to provide cutting edge products that are thoughtfully designed and can help workers perform their job with more comfort. That being said, getting FXD workwear means investing in the right balance of comfort and style. The designs are not too heavy, and not too lightweight, thus providing ultimate comfort. They feature some modern cuts as well as the ability to stretch wherever necessary.

Variety of Products

The FXD workwear manufacturers have taken the work apparel scene seriously, by designing a plethora of products so that every worker can dress properly from head to toe.


The FXD pants are made of quality materials that are strong and durable, alongside a modern narrow fit that is comfortable. Add to that a 360-degree stretch reversed peach twill, reinforcing in the pockets and heels, flipped back yoke and well-designed internal and external pockets and you have the perfect work pants.

FXD Workwear pants

Whether you opt for the classic model or the ones cuffed at the ankle, these pants can serve a purpose of well-designed and practical work pants. The secret of their comfort is the multi-direction stretch cotton material. The triple-needle stitching just adds to quality and durability. You can choose from navy, black and khaki, as the most common colours in workwear apparel.

If you love wearing jeans, there’s a way to incorporate your style in workwear too. For instance, FXD Why FXD Workwear is Workers’ First Choice can help you make a statement. These pants are rugged and good for daily use. They are ideal for work combining durability and flexibility. Made of cotton and polyester blend, they are incredibly stretchy, allowing you to move with ease. They also feature reinforced pockets and heels and utility pockets, which make these denim pants versatile and practical.


When your workplace and climate conditions allow it, shorts are a great workwear solution. Lightweight quick-drying shorts that are cool, comfortable and practical can make hot summer working days bearable. FXD shorts that are sitting just above the knee are ideal for workers climbing ladders, wall frames or scaffold. You can opt for a model that features multiple internal and external utility pockets, so there’s always a place for your ruler, wrenches or screwdrivers. The shorter length can allow you the freedom of movement that you don’t always get from the full-size pants.


A tailored fit, stretchy FXD shirt can make you look good and work well. The drop tail means that you can get on with the work without coming untucked, and triple needle seams give extra reinforcing. The fact that these shirts are made of high-quality cotton just adds to more comfort and easy movement. Either short sleeved-or long-sleeved, the FXD shirts can go perfectly with your work pants.


When choosing safe and comfortable clothes for working, be careful not to forget the socks. The FXD socks are ideal for people who are on the move constantly and who need rugged socks for a hard day’s work. The best material for work socks is natural bamboo since it’s anti-bacterial, anti-odour and can prevent sweating. Wearing FXD socks can help protect your feet from standing and moving long hours at work while providing a super soft feel. For even more protection, you can also opt for a five pair packing of FXD arch support socks that feature padded footbed and heel.

FXD Workwear socks


If you do your job out in the open, protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays is a must. You can complete your work look with a pair of safety sunnies. The FXD sunglasses feature UVA/B filter to 400 nanometers, providing maximum protection to your eyes.

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