Kids Tepees: A Unique Way for Your Little Ones to Learn and Play

There is doubt that kids love playing house. A couple of chairs and a blanket can easily help them create their perfect pretend home but a teepee tent is the real deal. Besides the fact that they will absolutely love it, this piece of camping gear provides a range of benefits and uses.

Children tents and teepees come in different sizes so you need to consider your available space. If the room you intend on placing it has a large capacity, getting a bigger teepee is a great idea. This way you also can enjoy it with your kids as you can read them stories inside it or they can play comfortably with their friends. These pieces can be either indoors and outdoors, so consider where you want to place your teepee and buy accordingly.

teepee childrens tents

The design and features of the teepee for kids that you buy are also important in the experience it provides, its ease of use and the process of setting it up. Although they are usually easy to assemble and dismantle, read their descriptions carefully as some models may come with additional accessories.

Here are some of their awesome benefits.

  • Reading nook – Teepee tents can be the perfect spot for reading stories to your little ones before going to bed. Their Indian design adds additional fun to simple things like reading a book. Diving deep into the world of reading and exploring new books in their own special place can be super exciting for kids. This can be especially fun for both children who love to read and the ones who are still trying to learn.
  • Pretend play – Pretend play is very important for kids’ development. By encouraging creativity and imagination, kids can improve their communication and language skills, thinking, learning and problem-solving abilities. Playing house is a great option for pretend play. Kids love to pretend they have their own house and imitate their parents. Teepee tents give them a whole new setting for their pretend play. They can pretend they’re building their shelter or like they are in the wild practising their survival skills.
  • Roleplay and social skills – A teepee for kids tent can inspire role play, thus helping kids to become more confident in themselves and more independent. Kids can role-play setting up their pretend home, gathering and hunting and preparing meals. During play, they will also practice their social skills, learn to share, follow rules, set boundaries, negotiate and stand up for themselves.
  • Outdoor play – Even if you buy an indoor teepee, it can be still used for outside play whenever the weather is nice. The unit is easy to move so setting up an indoor teepee outdoors should be no problem at all. Your kids can enjoy their time playing outdoors while still being protected from the sun or wind. This will make outdoor play more appealing and comfortable and encourage kids for more active physical play.
  • Privacy and unstructured play – Sometimes kids want to have their privacy and their own little retreat from the world. A teepee is a perfect unit for this. It can serve as their own escape where they can feel adventurous, safe and in control. No matter whether they will use this space for secret office meetings with their siblings or friends or just to organize their toys in their own way, the teepee tent helps kids to have a special place just for them and provides a great base for their unstructured play.

kids outdoor teepee

So, if you’re wondering which teepee would be best for your little ones, get the one that they will truly like. After all, they will be the ones playing in it, so it’s important for them to like it. But kids teepees are not meant just for playtime. They can be easily repurposed as places for naps when your little ones don’t want to go to bed. Once you buy them, you will be pleasantly surprised by all the ways they can be used and by their ability to inspire kids to use more their imaginations and develop a range of skills.

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