What to Know Before You Buy Timber Modern Outdoor Furniture

Do you too have a dream to wine and dine in grace? – Timber modern outdoor furniture is what it takes to transform your patio into the perfect outdoor living space!

modern outdoor furniture

When it comes to investing in modern outdoor furniture, timber is the number one choice for many. Whether due to its golden colour or due to its ability to appear traditional and modern at the same time, timber furniture can complement any outdoor style. In addition, thanks to its high-quality properties, it can last for many years.

But as ideally as timber furniture is for outdoor areas, you still need to consider some factors when purchasing this modern outdoor furniture. Below are some things to bear in mind before making your final decision.

1. Price
The same features that make timber so popular, also increase its price. Hence, you should choose this furniture for a space that you are planning to use for years to come. If you are a kind of person who moves around often or likes to regularly redecorate, timber outdoor furniture might not be the best option for you – unless you can afford it.

2. Sustainability
The high demand for timber has result deforestation in many places, especially across South and Southeast Asia, which has devastated ecosystems and contribute to the exploitation of local peoples. But not all timber carries a bad history. Nowadays, it is quite easy to find timber grown on plantations that practice sustainable harvesting. To ensure your furniture is environmentally friendly, siply read the specifications before making your purchase.

3. Finishes
There are usually three general options of finish for timber modern outdoor furniture:

  • Natural/unfinished
  • Sealed
  • Preweathered

When timber is exposed to certain natural elements (sun, rain, wind), it becomes a silvery gray over time. If you like this look, just relax and enjoy your timber outdoor furniture (most people do) -it will start to get gray within a few months if exposed to the elements unprotected.

If you enjoy the silvery look, preweathered timber is another great option for you. The main benefit of this finish is that the colour you choose is the colour you will stay with. This makes easy for you to choose fabric and accent pieces.

But if you are looking for the golden-brown colour to stay as long as possible, then sealing can help you slow down the weathering process. But remember that sealants can wear down as well, so ask your vendor about maintenance before you buy your furniture.

4. To oil or not to oil
While some manufacturers recommend oiling timber as a way to preserve the colour, oiling can cause mold and mildew. So, when considering whether or not to oil, define where you will place the furniture. If it is going to be in an enclosed area, it won’t fade as quickly. But if you are planning to place it in the sun, oiling is much recommended.

5. Cleaning
You will need to clean your timber furniture at least once a year to remove dust, dirt and stains. But don’t worry, this is not something complicated, and is an easy project that you can accomplish with a diluted household cleaner and a bristle brush only.

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