Pros and Cons of Installing Electronic Throttle Controller in Your Toyota

We are all after some thrill, otherwise what’s the point of having a car able to reach remarkable top speeds? Those of us who also want to hear the engine purr look past the fastest speed it can reach. We want to fine tune the systems in the car to a degree where we can be satisfied with all aspects of pushing it to the limits. The acceleration is a very important factor in this sense. It applies both to starting the car from a stand still and the rates of acceleration while driving. There are several options to improve the performance, however most of them are costly and time consuming. For that reason, many people resort to installing throttle controllers to get that extra juice.

What Is a Throttle Controller

Electronic throttle controller is a fly-by-wire mechanism designed to bypass the throttle lag in a vehicle. In simplest terms, it stands between the pedal and the engine to ensure fast reaction to commands. You see, vehicles coming from the assembly line have built in throttle lag. This serves to delay the response of the engine to your pedal work. Car manufacturers need to comply with gas emissions regulations and this is one of the chief reasons there is throttle lag in the first place.

toyota throttle controller

When you install drive-by-wire throttle system more fuel is pumped to the engine and this translates into faster acceleration. In essence, all throttle modules are the same, though you need to make sure you have the right contraption for the exact model of your vehicle. For example, there is one module for using Toyota electronic throttle control system, and it applies to more models. But if you drive Mitsubishi, Ford, Nissan, Suzuki, Volvo or Citroen you need to get module that fits with the systems in your car.

Pros of Having It

Notable Acceleration Boost

You will get extra juice and your driving experience will be changed. Throttle modules get rid of the throttle lag and this helps solve issues with starting (if there is no other fault). Depending on the modes you activate, this boost can be adapted to the environment. For example, economy mode is great for technical tracks (like rocky terrain) and for city driving. The ultimate mode will give you the boost you need to get your vehicle out of dodge and save you from the trouble of setting up vehicle recovery gear. If you don’t want to bother with different modes you can leave it on automatic and it will adjust the throttle to your style of driving. Regardless of your favorite mode, the acceleration is uncontested.

Works Immediately

This is by no means a figure of speech. As soon as you press the pedal after installation you will feel the difference. The sensitivity of the pedal (and by extension the engine) to your feet will be far greater than anything you have experienced so far. Unbiased reviewers of the product recommend trying it out on an empty road. Alternatively, you can try it when there is not much traffic around if you don’t want to put the brakes to work in order to control the vehicle.

Ease of Installation

throttle body

Electronic throttle modules are very easy to install. You need to unplug the factory plug from your steering column and put the new plug in between. Then, you need to find a place for the interface on your dashboard. As long as you don’t have wires standing in your way you can place the controller wherever you want. This is all the work that is required to install a throttle controller. You just have to make sure the engine is cool, so if you just parked the car wait for about 20 minutes before going through the installation. If you compare this process with any other engine work you will see why blokes go for it.

Relatively Cheap

The Toyota electronic throttle control system costs around $300,00 at the moment. Compared to the costs related with professional work on your engine (parts, installation and servicing) this is a bargain. And your fuel economy will definitely improve on the long run.

Cons of Having It

No Extra Horsepower

You will not change the power profile of your engine by installing electronic throttle control. They tweak the response, but the horsepower remains the same. So, if you want to improve the performance of your motor in substantial way, you have to follow other routes.

Makes Pedals Oversensitive

evc throttle controller

When you activate the throttle module on ultimate mode pedals become very sensitive. The response is heightened, so much so that you will reach full capacity when the pedal is at 50%. You can depress the pedal to the floor but you will not get any acceleration past this point.

Can Be Hacked

Every electronic device that is remotely controlled can be hacked. In theory, someone with wireless connection can mess with your throttle (either shut it off or try to take control). We are yet to hear of such instance, however keep this in mind if you intend to keep it active at all times.

Adds Another Variable for Troubleshooting

If things go wrong and your car stops, you will have one more device to check. This is particularly important if there is some issue with the electronics. When you aren’t able to repair this it will fall back to the factory settings. You won’t be able to use it until the next visit to a mechanic.

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